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OVERALL: Dearest went to a watch party while I stayed home and went to bed early. Dearest said he wished he had opted for my choice. Just the News said the debate was rancorous, with no winner or new policy insights. The Washington Examiner called it acrimonious, starkly personal, and chaotic. I’m thinking I had the better evening.

HISPANIC VOTERS: For some reason, the Spanish-speaking audience that watched the debate on Telemundo felt 2:1 that Trump won the debate. This is amazing, considering that Hillary won the Hispanic vote 66 to 34 percent in the 2016 election.

Latin machismo is a thing, so maybe this voting group cued in on and applauded the fact that Trump looked stronger. Steven Hayward talked about this at Powerline: “[I watched] some of the post game show on several news channels, and I was struck by how uniformly glum the liberal network news types were. The subtext here was that Biden was weak in the face of Trump’s boorishness. The fact that so many media figures are saying the next two debates should be canceled is quite telling. I’m guessing they know Biden is going to wilt under the onslaught.

About which: it is hardly a news flash that Trump can be a bully. But there may be a method to his seeming madness. Remember how Biden manhandled Paul Ryan in the 2012 debate by constantly interrupting and ridiculing Ryan? Ryan’s mistake was that he came prepared to debate policy ideas—silly wonk that he is—while Biden wanted to make Ryan look young and inexperienced. And he was successful at doing that with Ryan. Trump wasn’t about to let that happen, but along the way he did induce Biden into making several mistakes, such as refusing to answer about court packing, and getting Biden to back away from the Green New Deal. And ask yourself a simple question: who looked like the stronger person on that stage? That isn’t a close call.”

PANTS ON FIRE: CLICK [6:33] to hear the vile Biden lie about and slander Trump’s record on race relations. I just want to smack him.

CHRIS WALLACE: Reportedly, Biden performed better than many of us expected, maybe because the so-called moderator, Chris Wallace, was actually pinch hitting for him. ‘Trump War Room’ said Wallace interrupted Trump 76 times, but only interrupted Biden 15 times.

Joe Biden turned out to be the third wheel in tonight’s debate. For most of the night, it was Chris Wallace debating the president. Wallace claimed that President Trump called the white supremacists very fine people. Chris Wallace knew it was a lie but he agreed with Joe Biden. Wallace also claimed that Trump ended sensitivity training, which also is a lie.” – David Harris

WILL YOU PACK THE COURT? – CLICK [1:34] to hear Joe refuse to answer, get challenged by Trump, then tell the President of the United States to “shut up” and “stop yapping.”

CATHOLIC:Shut up” and “stop yapping.” These are the same responses Joe Biden has given the Little Sisters of the Poor.

DO YOU SUPPORT BLM’S CALL TO DEFUND POLICE? – CLICK [5:38] to hear them interrupt, insult, and talk over each other. I’m so glad I skipped this thing.

HANNITY and DON Jr.: [10:01] – Their after-debate commentary was refreshing.

PALATE CLEANSER: CLICK [3:10] for a feel good video.

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  1. That was a debate??? Biden’s performance was little more than a prune-faced vampire trying to convince the viewing audience he was not a cadaver in a mortuary. Dracula Joe been sucking on the government titty for 48 years. What idjit expect anything different from him? Trump’s performance? Don’t know where to start…

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