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2020: Pants on fire – CLICK [:14] to hear Joe Biden pander for Black votes by claiming he attended Delaware State, an Historically Black College or University (HBCU).

He didn’t. He attended the University of Delaware (Class of 1965). He was a commencement keynote speaker at Delaware State a couple of time and the school awarded him honorary doctoral degree.That’s a far cry from getting his start at an HBCU.

2020: Trump’s taxes … yawn – The New York Times recently published a Super Big Story about President Trump’s tax returns (which they have no right to see).

CLICK [9:58] to hear Andrew Klavan mercilessly mock this giant self-own.

If you have a favorite TDSer in your life, consider gifting a bottle of wine and a pan of marijuana brownies to the poor slob who no doubt needs a break from the realization that the Fish Wrap of Record found absolutely no evidence of any kind of wrongdoing in Trump’s tax returns (which they have no right to see).

CROSSFIRE HURRICANE: Aka, Russiagate: The FBI used the (fake) Steele dossier as its excuse to spy on the Trump campaign and White House. The “Primary Sub-Source” cited by the Steele dossier was a man the FBI suspected was a Russian spy and considered a “threat to national security.” And the FBI agents who investigated “Russia! Russia! Russia!” KNEW it. (In reality, the Russian spy was not a source, because Christopher Steele’s dossier was totally made up.)

FLYNN: Last week, Mike Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, revealed newly obtained documents showing that, in January 2017, FBI agents who were being forced to work on Comey’s bogus “Get Trump” investigation got worried enough about their back sides to buy professional liability insurance. They wanted themselves and their families to be protected if the truth came out and they got personally sued for the illegal crap Comey was making them do.

FRANCE: This guy has had his entire body, face and tongue covered in tattoos and had the whites of his eyes surgically turned black. He’s a primary school teacher who is no longer allowed to teach kindergarten, because he gives the wee kiddies nightmares.

As someone who has suffered from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for most of my adult life, I can’t look at that photo and wonder when his immune system is going to say “ENOUGH!”

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: USA Today actually fact checked this Babylon Bee piece. Among the 14 resources they consulted in their in-depth debunking of this piece was the 9th circuit court’s website.

Incredibly, the USA Today piece acknowledges right up front that the source of the claim is a satirical article published on a known satire site.

Great journalisming, you pathetic clowns!

MUELLER’S TEAM: Their goal was “Get Trump” – FBI Agent William Barnett played a lead role in the agency’s investigation into Michael Flynn. He was interviewed by DOJ prosecutors earlier this month.

Barnett told the Justice Department there was never any evidence of wrongdoing by the retired general or of Russian collusion by President Trump. He said the Mueller probe was kept open because the goal was not national security or justice, but hurting the Trump administration.

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE: Trump has now been nominated for a third time.

RATIO: Getting “ratioed” is tweet-speak for a tweet that is so ridiculous that it got lots of comments but very few hearts.

Journalist” Christine Grimaldi won the trifecta of ratios with her nasty, three tweet screed. Favorite tweet comments: “whackadoodles gonna whackadoodle” and “get help.”

Re: Grimaldi’s snarky remark about Barrett’s “whopping three years” – The Obama-nominated Justice Elena Kagan served a whopping zero years as a judge. In 1999, she was nominated by President Clinton to fill a seat on the D.C. Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals, but the Senate Judiciary Committee declined to hold a hearing, which effectively ended her nomination.

SCOTUS: File this under stupid talking points – Barb McQuade (NBC/MSNBC legal analyst and University of Michigan law professor) tweeted the above, which was echoed by another U-Mich law professor.

The only problem is … she’s wrong. Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito were both nominated by President G.W. Bush in 2005, which was the first year of his second term. He had won the (meaningless) popular vote the previous November.

UKRAINE: In March 2016, then-VP Joe Biden forced the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden’s employer, Burisma Holdings, to step down.

Newly disclosed documents reveal that VP Joe’s actions came on the heels of intense pressure from Hunter and representatives of Burisma Holdings to convince the Obama administration to use its considerable influence to halt the Ukrainian prosecutor’s investigation into the corrupt firm.

WORD NERD: Despite its pronunciation, just deserts is the proper spelling for the phrase meaning the punishment that one deserves. You can remember this two ways.

  1. The deserts that is spelled like arid land, but is pronounced like an after dinner treat comes from the same root as deserves.
  2. It is being denied, not receiving an after dinner treat that is a punishment.

GRAMMY NOTES: Buzz is doing awesome work with his home keys, keeping his fingers in place to type and (mostly) not looking at his hands!

CLICK [1:09] to see a dog and a turtle play ball. I’m not kidding!


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  1. Looks like Buzz could use an outboard monitor to go with that wireless keyboard.

    I made the mistake of engaging with my son, the grand-kids’ dad, on a political meme he sent. He’s full-blown lefty, buying into every lie and lefty trope of this election. Trump won’t leave office if he loses 2020 or in 2024 – becoming a dictator – only paid $750 in taxes, on and on. Frustrating. Prayers for his enlightenment might be too much to ask, but prayers that my engaging with him not further divide us are welcomed.

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