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2020: CLICK https://twitter.com/Not_the_Bee/status/1310336164084297729 [:34] to see MSNBC host bail out Slow Joe.

2020: CLICK https://twitter.com/Not_the_Bee/status/1310295061524033544 [:15] to hear Joe Biden compare Donald Trump to Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda. The Republican Jewish Coalition cried foul.

The rule in debate is that if your only argument is to call your opponent a Nazi, you have no argument at all. Instead of engaging in a debate on policy, Joe Biden has descended to name-calling and Holocaust references.

There is no place in political discourse for Holocaust imagery or comparing candidates to Nazis. It’s offensive and it demeans the memory of the Holocaust, the suffering of the victims, and the lessons we must learn from that terribly dark chapter of history. Joe Biden has been in politics long enough to know this. To diminish the horrors of Goebbels and the Nazis by trying to attack the president with that comparison is, as we say, a shanda.*

We call on Joe Biden to retract and apologize for that egregious comment.”

*Shanda (pronounced SHAWN-deh) is Yiddish for something scandalously shameful.

ABORTION: [3:32] – The Pro-Life Reply to “Abortion in cases of rape.

BABYLON BEE: “In a move to prevent Californians from fleeing by the millions, Gavin Newsom announced a ban on gasoline automobiles this week. The law will make it so that Californians can’t drive away and escape the state in a matter of hours, forcing them to instead form migrant caravans and make the treacherous trek across the blistering deserts of the Southwest.”

In all seriousness, given the state’s inability to produce enough electricity for its current needs, the above is the only sensible conclusion one can come to for Newsom’s determination to increase demand by mandating electric cars.

CATHOLIC: LifeSite presented Father Altman with a copy of the petition asking his bishop to support rather than bring canonical penalties against him. More than 71,000 people signed it. Father Altman was “stunned and overwhelmed by the voice of solidarity amongst faithful Catholics around the world

There are no words to express the joy of receiving and reading page after page of signers to the Petition. Let us continue to keep the Faith, no matter what challenges may come from those who actively seek to undermine our Faith. We know the Truth is unchanged and unchangeable, and it remains the Truth even when people do not like to hear it.

I cannot thank LifeSite and all the signers enough for letting me know I am not alone. God bless you all, and fill you with Grace to fight the good fight, all for the glory of God.”

CHINA: A textbook published by the ChiComs for use by a government-run vocational school includes this in a section on ethics and law:

“The crowd wanted to stone the woman to death as per their law. But Jesus said, ‘Let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone.’ Hearing this, they slipped away one by one. When the crowd disappeared, Jesus stoned the sinner to death saying, ‘I too am a sinner. But if the law could only be executed by men without blemish, the law would be dead.’”

CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD: New Age heresy – The first in what is now a nine book series came out in the mid-90s. The author, Neal Donald Walsch, claims to be a “channel” for God’s true messages to the modern world. If he was literally hearing a voice, it was not from any HOLY spirit, that’s for sure!

Chief among the false teachings seems to be that there is no such thing as right or wrong. Satan wants everyone to believe this, because without sin, there is no need for the cross of Jesus. And without the cross, Satan owns your soul.

COVID-19: Researchers at Wayne State University say viral loads from patients are continuing to decrease as the pandemic progresses and as the death rate drops.

MINNESOTA: Minneapolis [16:42] – Thank God for genuine journalists like James O’Keefe and brave folks like Omar Jamal who brave the vicious Left to get the truth out.

Liban Mohamed (the guy exposed in this video) actually bragged on-line about how many ballots he had harvested on behalf of the Somali candidate who was paying him. He also committed voter fraud on behalf of Ilhan Omar.

These crooked Democrat politicians hire workers to collect empty ballots. They pay people to fill out their ballots. And they’re bringing people in from outside to vote under false addresses.

If American people don’t pay attention to what’s happening, the country will collapse.

WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=628807671341833 [5:33] to hear Sarah Huckabee Sanders talk about the vicious way that Leftist women treated her.

GRAMMY NOTES: I’ve had a lot of blood tests done in the past four years, but this week, for the first time ever, she wanted a photo ID. So now I need a photo ID to get a blood test … but my deep blue state still does NOT require one to vote!

CLICK https://twitter.com/Not_the_Bee/status/1310324362369806336 [:43] to hear a guy perform a drum cadence on a speed bag.

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