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ABORTION: [4:42] – The Pro-Life Reply to “A fetus is NOT a person.” This video considers four aspects of human life: Size, Level of Development, Environment, and Dependency (SEED).

A BLACK DEFENSE: Black Pentecostal and charismatic Christian leaders defend Judge Barrett –

[A]ttacks on her Christian beliefs and her membership in a charismatic Christian community reflect rank religious bigotry that has no legitimate place in our political debates or public life. We condemn these vile attacks—which began three years ago during the process of her confirmation for the judicial post she currently holds. As the descendants of slaves we are particularly sensitive to acts of discrimination and we demand an end to this reprehensible conduct.

COVID-19: The United States supposedly has the most coronavirus deaths in the world. Officially, this is blamed on Orange Man Bad and some failure of Americans to wear masks and socially distance.

More likely, it’s due to …

  1. The ChiCom’s refusal to share accurate numbers;
  2. The politicization of the disease that led to doctors being instructed to list coronavirus as the cause of death even where it merely was present at the time of death;
  3. The politically-motivated demonization of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment and prophylactic.

A new report – “Hydroxychloroquine and the Burden of Proof” – notes that HCQ was identified as a potential COVID-19 treatment relatively early in the outbreak, and has been used in China, South Korea, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, Bahrain, Poland, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, India, and the Philippines, among many others. Yet the United States remains an “international outlier on HCQ, as one of just a handful of countries that have moved to limit – rather than expand – patient access to the drug.”

The paper lists more than two dozen medical conditions for which HCQ is an established treatment, which it says “reflect a general medical consensus, long predating the COVID-19 pandemic, that HCQ is a safe, well-tolerated drug” and urges members of the U.S. news media, public health community, and regulatory agencies to stop politicizing the use of this medicine for coronavirus.

HANDMAID’S TALE: Because of her pro-life views, pro-abortion liberals have tried to connect Amy Coney Barrett’s Charismatic Catholic faith and practice with The Handmaid’s Tale.

Wikipedia says, “The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood, published in 1985. It is set in a near-future New England, in a totalitarian state, known as Gilead, that has overthrown the United States government. [It] explores themes of subjugated women in a patriarchal society and the various means by which these women resist and attempt to gain individuality and independence.”

The Charismatic Catholic group Judge Barrett belongs to was founded in 1971, but far from subjugating women, it encourages them to pursue higher education and “gain individuality and independence”, something Barrett obviously has done.

As for the hysterical liberal cries that she’ll impose Catholic doctrine on the country, puh-leeze. Barrett said, “I see no conflict between having a sincerely held faith and duties as a judge. I would never impose my own personal convictions upon the law.

LET THE HATE BEGIN: Bill Maher’s “comedy” skit about the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett was nasty … and no doubt a big hit with his “tolerant” audience.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: What is missing from the video is context [1:37] – When Jacob Blake was shot, he had an open warrant for felony sexual assault, he had violated a restraining order intended to keep him away from his victim, he had resisted arrest, and he was armed with a knife.

More importantly, he had taken the woman’s child and her car keys. The child was in the car. If the cops had not shot him, everyone would be condemning them for not saving a black child from being kidnapped by a knife-wielding rapist.

OUTSIDERS: [6:50]- Sky News Australians predict ‘Trump landslide’ after Americans reject ‘horrific’ treatment of Coney Barrett.

PINNACLE FEMINISM: Tweet comments – They want her to go back in the kitchen. Wow.

Sisters: You have just set back women’s struggle 50 years. Well done.

Ask about her childcare.” I can’t even imagine an employer asking me this question in an interview.

It’s against the law. Employers can’t ask how many kids you have.

Scalia had 9 kids.

If asked, I hope she stops, reflects, looks right at whatever senator had the balls to ask, and says: “None of your business.”

If she were a liberal it would be “Yas Queen!! Seven kids, two adopted from Haiti and one with special needs. And about to be a Supreme Court Justice! Women do it all!

There’s a background assumption here that being a Supreme Court justice is time consuming. RBG did it while on death’s door for years; It can’t be that hard.

RESCUE: [1:53] – The Ontario Provincial Police have released helicopter video of the rescue of a six-year-old, special needs boy who went missing in the south Bruce Peninsula area Tuesday evening.

SCOTUS: Liberals – “When a woman is offered a seat on the Supreme Court, she should decline in deference to other people’s political agendas.” Or something.

TRANSRACIAL ADOPTIONS: I’m guessing they’re only “fraught” when the adopting parents don’t live on the Democrat plantation.

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