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YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG: If you never ask questions about your religion, you’re doing it wrong.

And if you think scientific data answers philosophical and religious questions, you’re doing that wrong.

2020: 2d Amendment may be key – Gun sales in swing states are much higher this year than they were during the same period last year.

ABORTION: [4:32] – The Pro-Life Reply to “No one Knows When Life Begins.

AMERICA FIRST: [1:57] – President Trump unveiled his America First Healthcare Plan in Charlotte, North Carolina, this week. The plan has three goals:

  1. More choice.
  2. Lower costs.
  3. Better care.

It includes protections for pre-existing conditions, measures to stop surprise medical bills, and rules to guarantee price transparency so patients aren’t left completely in the dark.

ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR: Attorney General William Barr warned of “a new orthodoxy that is actively hostile to religion” in a videotaped address to the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. Barr received the organization’s Christifideles Laici Award. Archbishop Charles Chaput said Barr’s award was well deserved.

Throughout my life, the men and women I’ve most admired have all had the same qualities: a thinking Catholic brain, a character of substance, and a moral spine. General Barr has all three,” Archbishop Chaput said. “As an added bonus, he’s disliked by all the right people.”

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was dismayed that Barr was receiving this honor. I’m sorry, but sheesh. What a bitch.

CHINA: It is becoming increasingly important to know where products originate before buying. Over the past 14 months, Customs and Border Protection has been inspecting Made-in-China packages. Fully thirteen percent contained products that at best defraud buyers and at worst harm or even kill them.

The inspection effort, called Operation Mega Flex, is a CBP initiative that began in June of 2019 as part of a broader Trump administration effort, also involving the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, to crack down on the dangerous flood of counterfeit goods pouring into America from China, often through the distribution networks of e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay.

CORONAVIRUS: Lunacy [3:34] – A mother in Logan, Ohio, was grabbed, shoved, pulled, tased, handcuffed, pushed down the steps and arrested by a local cop for not wearing a face mask.

In July, her governor issued an Executive Order commanding that “All individuals in Ohio must wear facial coverings in public at all times when … [o]utdoors, but unable to maintain six-foot social distance from people who are not household members.”

Ignoring for a moment the fact that the order is very iffy constitutionally, let’s just consider that this woman was both outdoors AND socially distanced from everybody but her own family. In other words, she was not even violating the stupid order!

Unfortunately, she did resist arrest, which created most of her problems. Since I saw this, I’ve been wondering what would have been a better approach. Maybe she should’ve told her companions to call her lawyer and have him meet her at wherever the guy was taking her, then gone along quietly … then sued the pants off him for unlawful arrest.

NEW YORK: Syracuse University – The PC Police suspended a 30-year professor for making a joke about political correctness and speech policing.

FIRE is defending him, noting that Syracuse University “talks a big game when it comes to free speech” yet “seems almost proud of how it consistently fails to uphold freedom of speech when challenged.

NEW YORK CITY: Folks are fleeing the Big Rotten Apple – From 2017-2018, New York City’s population dropped by 38,000, more than any other metro area. During the following two years, 53,000 people moved away. During the early months of the pandemic, nearly half a million people left the city, but we won’t know for a while how many left for good.

The number one destination for former New Yorkers is Florida, a state that is comparable in most ways with NYC, except for the weather and the way they are governed. In fact, Floridians get more return on their tax dollars than New Yorkers do … while spending HALF as much.

OREGON: Portland – The city disbanded its gun violence reduction team on July 1. Since then, shootings have increased and homicide has hit a 30-year high.

PELOSI: She put up her “maybe we should impeach Orange Man Bad” trial balloon. It didn’t fly. In particular, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said that, if she tried it, he would move to oust her as Speaker.

So now she’s saying she won’t move forward with the idea, because “I don’t think he’s worth the trouble at this point.”

PENNSYLVANIA: Luzerne County – A federal investigation into voter fraud has turned up nine ballots mailed by military personnel that were discarded, rather than counted. At least seven were cast for Trump; the contents of the other two are unknown.

Most disturbingly, two of the discarded ballots had been opened by elections staff, then resealed inside their appropriate envelopes before being discarded.

But yeah, Democrats, tell us again how safe and secure all mail-in elections would be…

PRO-LIFE: [5:41] – After state budget cuts forced Planned Parenthood to close its clinic in Bettendorf, IA, a pro-life pregnancy resource center purchased the building and transformed it into a place for life.

Former Planned Parenthood clients come into their center and say how different and how much nicer the new clinic is. The medical excellence, sincere care and love shared with every client, and their deep passion to help women through unplanned pregnancies, makes Women’s Choice a powerful resource for their community.

RBG: She was known as a fervent advocate of women, but one might easily question if she was a closet racist. During her long career as a judge, she hired many women, but only two Blacks. She also appears to have favored Roe, Doe, and taxpayer funding for abortion because they helped eliminate “populations that we don’t want to have too many of.

If she had been a conservative, the stunning lack of diversity in her pool of clerks and employees would be front and center. As it is, the Leftards are ignoring it. Of course. Because she was all for abortion, which seems to be their “sacred ground” as Nancy Pelosi once said. Support slaughtering the unborn and all else is forgiven … even being Catholic.

SCHOOL CHOICE: A new poll shows an unprecedented level of support for parents controlling their children’s’ education tax dollars. 78% of public school parents and 79% of non-public school parents support this statement:

Recent federal legislation gave governors new funding they can use for K-12 education. Some governors have let families control the funds for the purchase of education technology and materials, private school tuition, and home education. Would you support or oppose your governor sending the funding directly to families and allowing them to choose how to use those funds to support their child’s education?

It could not be more clear that families are desperate for other options and will support governors and other policymakers as they pursue policies that let them control their child’s education funding,” said John Schilling, president of the American Federation of Children.

SCOTUS: [2:36] – The Senate currently has 53 Republicans, 47 Democrats, and 2 Independents, plus Republican VP Pence to vote with the GOP for ties.

Even if the three squishy middle senators (Romney, Murkowski, Collins) vote with the Dems, the Republicans have enough votes to get Trump’s nominee confirmed (after a no-doubt vicious hearing).

But Romney and Murkowski have both indicated they will vote to confirm, leaving only Collins in the squishy middle, which means any nastiness the Dems throw at Trump’s candidate will be nothing but TDSing political theater and sour grapes.

CLICK [3:22] to see a supercut of Leftists doing what Mike Knowles talks about. It’s titled “Liberals lose their Sh*t.”

VOTING: All the publicity about the faults and foibles of mail-in voting has apparently had an impact. Democratic politicians and groups say they are shifting from encouraging all-mail-in to encouraging voters to either vote in person or hand deliver their absentee ballots.

WASHINGTON: Seattle – The City Council voted to over-ride Mayor Jenny Durkan’s veto of their plan to cut 100 police officers from the department this year. They call it a “down payment” on their goal of cutting the force by 50%.

The city has also hired on a consultant to help them decide how to reform their police force. He’s Andre Taylor, a man who has led some of the violent protests in Seattle, Washington, this summer. Taylor also has a felony conviction for running a prostitution operation that included underage girls.

GRAMMY NOTES: I’ve lived my whole live next door to Cornell University. This cartoon is not satire. It’s truth.

CLICK to watch a helpful video about stuff you might not know your tape measure can do for you. Hey, I’m married to an architect/builder and I only knew one of these! [4:36]

CAT: Don’t get mad. Get even.”


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