A Message From The Right

To all the loving tolerant Democrats who are blinded by their hatred,

I have noticed a great many people spreading the ridiculous message that each side is guilty. This is WRONG.

We have not attacked you in stores and restaurants and on the streets.

We have not assaulted your minors or thrown eggs at your children.

We have not torn down statues or vandalized property that is not ours.

We have not blocked traffic or held people hostage in their cars or in their homes.

We have not pulled people out of their vehicles and beaten them senseless on live television.

We have not taken over city blocks, terrorized residents and destroyed businesses.

We have not burned down city blocks or attacked elected officials.

We have not tried to take away your right to protect yourself.

We have not arrested and even murdered people who were simply defending themselves and their property.

We have not condemned all cops or demanded they all lose their jobs.

We have not hunted down innocent cops doing their jobs and shot them in cold blood and then chanted we hoped they died.

While your media has lied to us, we have cried out for truth.

You have responded by screaming at us that your demands must be met.

You have attacked us on-line and publicized our personal information.

You have demanded we lose our jobs for disagreeing with you.

You and those who run your “tolerant” sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have demonetized us, blocked our posts from search engines, and even canceled our accounts.

Throughout this, you have rejoiced in our suffering.

You have been happy to see our churches and businesses closed.

You have been happy to see criminals released to prey on the innocent.

You have been happy to allow riots and looting continue for months.

You have been happy to keep our schools locked despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is OVER.

And now you tell us that if we don’t vote for your candidates, the madness will not just continue, but even get worse!

We have not declared war on you.

You have declared war on us.

You have declared war on the U.S.

Democrats disgust me.

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