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IT’S NOT NORMAL: [12:45] – Fr. Robert Altier of the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis discusses the current crisis in our nation and how forces of evil are trying to impose a new normal that is anything but normal.

2020: CLICK [:14] to hear the latest sad blitherings of a man who should be living a quiet life in retirement. In another clip, he mentioned how many troops died in “Iran and Afghanistan” today. In a third, he said that the VA must “remote out veterans over all well-being.”

This is much more serious that making fun of the fact that the Democrat nominee is clearly suffering from dementia and an inability to process basic thoughts. Elections are not a joke. Policies are not a joke. If Biden can’t be off prompter long enough to articulate something as simple as what he was trying to say here, how is he going to manage a presidency? The simple answer is that he’s not. Hence Kamala Harris basically admitting it’s her administration recently.

Everyone knows what’s really happening here and it’s one of the most dishonest bait and switches to ever happen in politics. In fact, I’m struggling to think of another comparable situation. Never before have we had a nominee lacking the ability to even do basic campaigning, much less perform the job he’s running for. Democrats think they can just pull the wool over the eyes of voters long enough to spring President Kamala on them down the road, but that’s not how any of this is supposed to work. The person you run is expected to be able to fulfill his term. Biden clearly is not going to do that.

This is elder abuse at this point. Biden’s wife should seriously think about what she’s putting her husband through. I mean that seriously.” – Bonchie at Red State

BLM: BLM co-founder Patrice Cullors explains something we’ve seen again and again on the harassment videos – i.e., BLM bullies shouting “say their names” over and over at their targets.

This has deep spiritual significance to the demon worshipers in Black Lives Matter. According to Cullors. “When we say the names, right, so we speak their names, we say her name, say their names, we do that all the time that, you kind of invoke that spirit, and then those spirits actually become present with you.

If you ever get targeted, speak the name of Jesus! (And if you don’t already know how, learn to bind spirits.)

BY THEIR FRUITS: “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matthew 7:20) – “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” (Galatians 5:22, 23)

Which of these fruits of God’s spirit do you see manifested in the necromancy, ancestor worship, summoning spirits of the “dead,” violence, rioting, looting, murder, the avowed Marxist goal of destroying this country and its government, and the unyielding, unrepentant hatred by BLM (and their Antifa partners-in-crime) toward anyone who doesn’t buy into their evil philosophies?

I support freedom of conscience and equal justice under the law for everyone, but I reject BLM-the-organization on the basis of its true, OPENLY STATED goals, not the phony ones they prefer to present to a gullible public.” – Frankly the Nut

CLICK [6:09] to learn how to be a WOKE White Person. [Satire]

CATHOLIC VOTER GUIDE: The printable, unbiased pdf document (link below) presents every stance as a direct quote from both parties’ official platforms, not a summary by someone favorable to either side.

Because it is non-partisan, it can be freely posted and distributed at churches and 501-(c)-3 organizations without threat to their tax status.

CATHOLIC “APOLOGETICS”: “Apologetics is a theological endeavor in which the truth of the Christian faith, along with its doctrines, is established and defended. Christian Apologetics uses the Bible, evidence, and logic.”

But there is a new form … which is when Catholic church leaders apologize for a member of the clergy upsetting Democrats by telling the truth.

Father Paul Graney, an associate pastor at the Church of the Divine Child in Dearborn, MI, provides one example. He gave a homily in which he warned that the agendas of Black Lives Matter and Antifa were aimed at tearing down America. The things he said are objectively and demonstratively TRUE.

But his boss, Father Bob McCabe, the pastor at Divine Child, publicly disavowed him, saying he didn’t agree with what Father Graney had said and he was “so sorry that a homily given by Father Paul Graney at the 4:30 p.m. Mass on Saturday has brought forth division, anger, confusion, and chaos.

CLIMATE CHANGE: Apparently, there is no climate change in the vast forested regions of Canada. Or something.

COVID-19: It looks to me like we’re done with it. Democrats will not figure this out until November 4th, when they will drop the whole subject like a hot potato and move on to the next Orange Man Bad scam.

CLICK [3:38] to hear Jake Tapper get his panties in a bunch because Peter Navarro refuses to give him the sound bite he wants.

Re: Tapper’s claim that we have a much higher percentage of coronavirus deaths –

  1. The CDC and other organizations have admitted they artificially inflated U.S. death counts.
  2. Democrats demonized the cheap and effective drug, hydroxychloroquine, which appears to have prevented COVID-19 from devastating areas of the world where HCQ is used routinely for malaria.
  3. Democrats forced nursing homes to admit COVID-19 patients into their most vulnerable populations where it killed thousands.

The Washington Examiner article gives Trump’s response to the question Tapper harped on.

DEMOCRATS: This is insulting. “The virus will go away if Joe wins.” How dumb do they think we are?! … Oh wait. They’re talking to their base. Never mind.

EVIL: “This is happening on Trump’s watch” … but only in Democrat-run communities and with the support and encouragement of Biden’s supporters.

FAKE NEWS: Another Slime Stream Media FAILURE.

MIDDLE EAST: CLICK [:47] to hear Kayleigh McEnany call out the biased media for ignoring, downplaying, or even criticizing the Middle East peace accord brokered by President Donald J. Trump.

Washington Examiner editorial – “Though the media are taking great pains to ignore it, the agreement by Israel and Bahrain to establish full diplomatic relations, coming on the heels of a similar agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, is welcome news.

It reflects a growing recognition by the Sunni Arab monarchies and Israel that their interests are best served by a partnership, and the Trump administration deserves credit for helping it through. Were President Barack Obama or a President Hillary Clinton presently in the Oval Office, the columnist calls for Nobel Peace Prizes would be deafening.

It would be a mistake to underplay the significance of and complexity in getting to this point.

MILITARY: The Obama administration (with some help from Bill Clinton’s presidency) seeded the Pentagon with leftist generals whose allegiance was to the Deep State.

The article at Red State details the situation as it stands today. I’ve still got kids in uniform, so in the interests of my mental health, I’m going to stick my head in the sand on this one.

NEW YORK: [9:20] – What do you do when your policies drive your wealthiest residents to move elsewhere? If you’re Bill DeBlasio, you double down on all the policies that destroyed your city in the first place.

OHIO: Little Miami – Two high school football players carried “thin blue line” and “thin red line” flags onto the field at a 9/11 game.

They had asked and been denied permission to carry the flags to honor 9/11 first responders, but decided to do it anyway. They were suspended from the team for allegedly making an inappropriate political statement.

The story went viral and the internet broohaha brought about a quick reversal. The players were reinstated

It’s not only sad, but also very telling about today’s politics that honoring American heroes with American flags is seen as a partisan political statement worthy of punishment.

PIG FISHING: [2:16] – What a jerk.

PLOT TO OUST TRUMP: [4:30] – Darren Beattie: “What’s unfolding before our eyes is a very specific type of coup called the ‘Color Revolution.'” He says Norm Eisen is the architect behind the Left’s efforts to overthrow Trump.

SEDITION: “Every day in every town, We burn our cities to the ground” – “Mostly peaceful” [:31] – Attorney General William Barr set liberal heads on “explode” when he told the nation’s federal prosecutors to be aggressive when charging violent demonstrators with crimes, including sedition.

Earlier this month, he noted that there is no question that Antifa is a seditious movement. “They have websites. They are organized…Anyone who has spent a moment at these things and heard their chants and what they’re calling for can see right away that they are, they say they are, revolutionaries, that this is a revolution.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow tweeted, “The attorney general has gone off the deep end. This is nuts.”

The “Biden/Harris War Room” tweeted, “Racism is so deeply entrenched in society that when you protest it, those that benefit from it consider it sedition. While one candidate doesn’t recognize the existence of systemic racism and tries to maintain it, Joe Biden will fight to eliminate it.”

Matthew Miller, who was director of the Washington Post‘s Justice Department’s public affairs office from 2009 to 2011, tweeted, “Sedition is the bad penny that shows up at some of the worst moments in our history. Barr is going to play every authoritarian card he can to help Trump hang on to power.

Nick Arama at Red State remarked about the tweeters: “I don’t think liberals get what they look like when they appear to defend things like this and the related violence as mere ‘protesting‘.”

THIN BLUE LINE: One of these officers is dead [15:56] – The video inspired Amy Swearer, a senior legal policy analyst for Heritage, to compose a Twitter thread in which she noted she was “tired of the one-sided conversations on policing.”

The thread is reproduced at the Red State link. The numerous tweets include links, so I’ll ask you to go there to read it all.

VACCINE: Matthew Hanley writes that a vaccine is not necessary before life can return to normal. – “The overall survival rate for those exposed to the coronavirus is likely somewhere north of 99.6 percent. COVID-19 mortality has largely run its course in a great many places (as viruses tend to do). And no vaccine has ever been successfully developed for any virus in the corona family.”

I’m guessing Democrats will suddenly lose all interest in the alleged lethality of COVID-19 on November 4 and the kids will all go back to school without the Slime Stream Media paying more than a minute or two notice.

GRAMMY NOTES: I voted twice for my hubby in the 2020 village election … but they were both legal. I vote by absentee ballot and, being excited to vote for my Dearest, I filled out the village ballot as soon as it came and mailed it back. Then the shut-down hit and the election was postponed until this week. So I got to vote again. He seems less bothered about having lost the election than he is about the number of his signs that got disappeared by local loser Democrats.

CLICK [11:30] to see Nubby grow up. 🙂


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