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ACLJ: The Chief Counsel for The American Center for Law and Justice is Jay Sekulow. He wrote this autobiographical article that is posted at Jews for Jesus. I thought it was very interesting.

ANTI-POLICE CULTURE: [5:50] – Former police officer Brandon Tatum has strong words for the rioters who tear up our communities, terrorize people, and support “scum of the earth” like rapist Jacob Blake.

CALIFORNIA: Sacramento – The “Let Us Worship” rally last week-end drew an estimated twelve thousand Californians to worship in defiance of Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom’s attempt to restrict religious services in his state.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Clown politics – The current incumbent in the race for Cheshire County Sheriff is Sheriff Eli Rivera, a popular, five-term Democrat. He is considered such a shoe-in for another term that nobody else even bothered to put their name on the ballot … except for Aria DeMezzo, who just won the Republican nomination.

Aria is a transgender anarchist who ran on the simple, three-word campaign slogan, “F*** the police.” He is also a worshiper of Satan. Shockingly, neither the county nor state Republican parties have been offering much in the way of support for his candidacy.

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air notes, “Is there some lesson to take away from all of this? Perhaps. If you’re involved in politics at the local level, even in a casual way, you should probably make sure to put someone’s name on the ballot even if your party is vastly in the minority.”

NFL: I’m so glad I never cared about professional sports – On the eve of 9/11, these pampered princess (who are paid millions to play a game) ignored our first responders and continued with their disrespect for our nation and their support for rapist Jacob Blake.

According to a recent poll, 47% of those with a “very favorable” opinion of President Trump said they were “less interested” in the 2020 NFL season.

RACISM: Even as Black support for Trump increases way beyond anything ever seen before, Democrats continue to take the Black vote for granted.

CLICK [2:19] to hear TV’s dumbest lawyer Sunny Hostin call Black conservatives at the GOP convention “people props.

She actually brags about Biden having 83% support in the Black demographic. But Trump only got 8% of the Black vote in 2016.

Do the math, Sunny. That means Trump has doubled his support among the “people props.”

TRUMP: 2020 – We need him for four more years. And he needs a supportive Congress!

VOTING: 2020 – For absentee voting, a voter has to request a ballot and explain why they qualify for it. Absentee voting is allowed for voters who will be out of the county during the voting period, for disabled or ill voters, for voters who are age 65 or older, and for voters who are eligible, but incarcerated.

Democrats want to move to universal voting by mail, whereby all registered voters would automatically receive a ballot at their last known address. Since many areas are really sloppy about keeping their voter rolls up to date, this will inevitably lead to ballots going to people who registered, but have since died or moved.

Democrats lost their bid to require the Sate of Texas to expand mail-in voting to all eligible registered voters. They claimed that denying universal mail-in voting was age discrimination and alower court granted a preliminary ruling in their favor. But the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has just overturned it. But it looks like the County Clerk in Harris County (who has been in office all of 2 months) wants to go ahead with mail-in for his county … even though they’ve never done it before and there’s no guarantee they can handle the work load it will create.

I am relieved that New York State has merely offered the opportunity for people to request an absentee ballot on the basis of “sickness” due to COVID. So, it’s a one time only expansion of the absentee excuse list, NOT a permanent change to mass mailings.

WALK AWAY: Today’s excerpt is from another person whose alarm rang during the quarantine because she watched the Task Force briefings and compared them to what the Slime Stream Media said Trump said that Trump never said – “I started researching…..and researching. The more I read the further away from the democratic party I got. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe the extent to which the media and the dems will go to bring this man down. A man that gets shunned, bashed, threatened, and ridiculed his every waking second and does it all for FREE. What kind of greedy power hungry person does this?? None that I know of. I have never witnessed so much love for our country than what I have seen from our President.”


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