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Be Not Afraid

You MUST find a half our to watch this video! [29:59]

Steve Jalsevec wrote at LifeSite, that this “video by Dave Cullen, the Irish Internet blogger whom I consider to be one of the more well-informed, brilliant, and bluntly honest research analysts on the Wuhan virus crisis … is a half-hour blockbuster. You absolutely MUST take the time to watch it.

Cullen astutely takes viewers through a series of charts, text excerpts, and video statements by various notable persons related to the pandemic. In the process, he presents what I consider to be a very solid case for the title of this blog post [People behind COVID scam are ‘deeply cruel, evil, and psychotic people’]. …

Folks, if you continue to believe the lies that you are being fed by most of the media, liberal political leaders, and by your governments and health ministries, then we are heading for a never-in-history level of grief, loss of freedoms and tyranny all over the world that you cannot now even imagine.

Yes, it is that serious.”


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Bits & Bytes

Wow! A personal 9/11 message from God!

9/11: Never forget – “Saw a pretty amazing thing tonight at the gym. This firefighter was on the stair climber in full equipment, including his mask and oxygen tank. After about a half hour, I saw him finishing and taking his gear off so I went over to tell him how much I respected what he was doing. I figured he was training for a firefighter exam, but when I commented on it, he exclaimed, “110 floors! Took me 30 minutes, 10 seconds.” 110 floors… OMG. It’s September 11 and he had just climbed the equivalent of 110 floors like the firefighters did in the World Trade Center. Apparently, this is a tradition that many firefighters do to honor the 343 firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty that day. It’s a helluva tribute!” (From Facebook)

DUBYA: [4:29] – An incredibly special and meaningful moment for those of us who lived through 9/11.

ABORTION: A pro-life group has obtained detailed logs from human tissue harvesters that graphically demonstrate what a Big Lie the “clump of cells” dodge is.

Examples of tissue identified and harvested for researchers from the remains of first trimester, aborted fetuses include: head, eyes, hands, legs, ribs, kidneys, hearts, lungs, and brain.

ALABAMA: Abortionist suspended – The Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners has suspended abortionist Leah Torres because she gave untrue or misleading answers on her application to practice medicine in Alabama.

  1. When asked if her “staff privileges at a hospital or health care facility had been revoked, suspended, curtailed, limited, or placed under conditions restricting your practice,” she said no. Lie.
  2. When asked if she had any medical malpractice claims, she said no. Lie.
  3. When asked if she had any history of mental health conditions, she said no. Lie.
  4. Torres also claimed to have worked as “a locum tenens physician between June 2018 and February 2019” when the Board found that she was actually unemployed.

The Board also accused Torres of committing unprofessional conduct, a charge that is also grounds for license denial.

BIDEN: Answer the damn question! – CLICK [:50] to hear Biden’s national press secretary, J.T. Ducklo, refuse to admit what has been painfully obvious to everyone who is paying attention. (Dontcha just love the irony of his last name?! Duck Low, dodge the question LOL)

CLICK [1:26] to see a montage of evidence that Joe can’t function even with a teleprompter.

CALIFORNIA: Los Angeles – A recording has hit the internet revealing the grossly political nature of California’s COVID rules.

In it, Los Angeles Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer says, “We don’t realistically anticipate that we would be moving either to Tier 2 [of California’s reopening plan] or to reopening K-12 schools at least … until after the election.”

IOW, keeping the state locked down has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with preventing the Trump Economy from restarting in the No-Longer-Golden State as it has elsewhere.

CHINA: This 41 minute documentary tells the story of Joe and Hunter Biden’s questionable dealings with the ChiComs.

COVID-19: Big Pharma has no liability for vaccine injuries [8:15] – “I work in rural America, and I’ve seen three cases in eight months. And one of them was a false positive. You’re going to tell me everybody ought to be vaccinated over a virus that seems to be harming a very, very small proportion of Americans, most of whom were already extremely old or malnourished or extremely sick? That doesn’t hold water.”

DIVIDED AMERICA: [1:40] – Former NFL star Benjamin Watson co-produced and partially funded this film with his wife Kirsten. The movie will become available at SalemNOW on Sept. 17.

Watson says he wants “to unveil the truth about abortion, the laws, the history and where our country is headed. I believe in the sanctity of life, be it in the womb or on your deathbed. That’s my conviction. But with the film, I’ll engage those who disagree and hear their reasoning. The No. 1 thing I’m looking for is empathy on both sides.”

MEDAL OF HONOR: On Friday, President Trump presented the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest award of valor, to Sgt. Maj. Thomas Payne, recognizing his conspicuous gallantry and selflessness in rescuing 75 hostages from execution by the Islamic State terror group.

MUELLER TEAM: Destruction of evidence – Newly released DOJ records show that multiple top members of Mueller’s investigative team claimed to have “accidentally” destroyed the memories on at least 15 of the phones used during the anti-Trump investigation.

By “accidentally” they mean that they first locked the phones into airplane mode, so they can never be turned on remotely. Then they inputted the wrong passwords again and again and again and again, until the permanent lock-out function engaged.

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE: Two nominations (so far) – A member of the Norwegian Parliament has nominated President Trump for helping broker a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

A member of the Swedish Parliament has nominated the Trump administration and the two European nations for their “joint work for peace and economic development, through the cooperation agreement signed in the White House.”

The winner of the prize for 2021 will not be announced until October of next year. Since the committee gave Barack Obama the prize in 2009 for not being George Bush, I’d put Trump’s chances at slim to none. I’m guessing he doesn’t care, because his work speaks for itself.

OPERATION LEGEND: Chicago – The joint federal and local effort has resulted in 500 arrests and 124 federal charges in the Windy City.

The murder rate has declined 50%.

OREGON: A recent poll shows that Oregon voters are Not Happy.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: On Tuesday, Trump’s Justice Department filed a brief at the Indiana Supreme Court, defending the Constitutional right of an Indianapolis Catholic high school to uphold moral standards. The action supports the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, which is being sued by a teacher whose contract was terminated because of his public, same-sex marriage.

On Wednesday, the Education Department issued final rules to protect religious freedom in higher education. In addition to enforcing free speech and the rights of religious groups at public universities, the rule clarifies that a college with a clear religious mission is exempt from Title IX regulations, which is especially important to Catholic schools and colleges confronted by discrimination lawsuits because of the Catholic understanding of sexuality and marriage.

RHODE ISLAND: The University of Rhode Island recently announced plans to remove two 70-year-old murals depicting the events of World War II, because they accurately portray the participants in the events as having been predominantly White Males.

The issue came under the university’s eagle eyes after students complained that they don’t “feel comfortable sitting in that space” because the murals lacked “diversity.” Get that? URI is going to destroy a venerable piece of its own history to satisfy the snowflaky, fragile egos of people who are supposedly adults.

WALK AWAY: Today’s excerpt is one of my favorites to date – “When I was a ‘progressive,’ I was a snobby douche. I looked down on those dirty, illiterate flyover state types. I scoffed at those fat, NASCAR watching rednecks. I mocked people for their silly faith in things like God, family. sacrifice, hard work and perseverance. I thought anyone who flew the flag on their porch was a rube.

What I was really consumed with that whole time, was my own self image.

My need to feel better than you.

I had nothing of substance to offer, and secretly, I knew it. To compensate for that lack – that emptiness – I put on a shiny badge of unearned moral and intellectual superiority before I left my house every morning.

Eventually, that badge tarnished.

One day I looked at myself in the mirror and these words popped into my head: ‘Nah dude, it’s YOU who’s wrong.’”

WOKE: Employees across the Executive Branch have been required to attend “training” sessions where they are told that “virtually all White people contribute to racism” or where they are required to say that they “benefit from racism.

On Friday, President Trump directed agency heads to “cease and desist from using taxpayer dollars to fund these divisive, un-American propaganda training sessions.”

GRAMMY NOTES: Just sayin’. 🙂

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