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The Coming Coup

The following is adapted from “The Coming Coup?” by Michael Anton at American Mind. The links below are to the full article, which you’re encouraged to read cuz I left out a bunch of stuff in the interests of brevity. Below that link are links to the articles Anton included.

Democrats and their ruling class masters are openly talking about staging a coup if Trump wins in November.

It started with the military brass, many former generals, and even Trump’s own SecDef indicating that the military would defy any attempt by him to invoke the Insurrection Act to quell the riots.

Hillary Clinton has declared publicly that Joe Biden should not concede the election “under any circumstances.”

Joe Biden and Al Gore have both said publicly that, if Trump should refuse to leave the White House, the military will “escort him from the White House with great dispatch.”

Two former Army officers wrote an open letter to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs claiming Trump is “threatening to remain in office in defiance of our Constitution” and urging the military drag Trump out of the White House on January 20, 2021.

Over the summer, George Soros funded a summit of 100 Democratic grandees, anti-Trump former Republicans, and other ruling class apparatchiks who decided that, if Trump wins, Biden should refuse (a) to concede, (b) pressure states Trump won to send Democrats to the formal Electoral College vote to vote for him, and (c) urge the military to intervene if he refuses to leave the White House.

The results of the Soros summit was leaked to The New York Times.

Streams of stories are appearing proposing that, even if it looks like Trump won, Democrats should insist Biden won, because all the mail-in ballots haven’t been counted.

The complicit media is planning to do what they did with every other anti-Trump effort, which is to preach the Democrats’ Big Lie that for as long as possible. In other words, crank the propaganda to ear-drum shattering decibels, fill the streets of every major city with “mostly peaceful protesters” all demanding Trump leave office.

What can we all do?

First, everything we possibly can to ensure Trump wins by such a landslide that the Left simply can’t pull this off.

Second, support alternative social media sites, because once the Democrat ruling class gives word that the narrative is “Trump lost,” all the president’s social media accounts will be suspended and the MSM will refuse to cover anything he says. He’s going to need a way to talk to us.

Third, raise awareness about the likelihood that the Left will not just continue, but actually escalate all the crap they’ve been doing since November 2016.

Fourth and fifth from CtH: These two aren’t in Anton’s article, but I think they’re important. Arm yourself, stock up on ammo, take lessons, practice, and know your local laws so you can defend your homes and businesses from rioters. And stock up on survival stuff like food, solar batteries, water filters, and the like. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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Bits & Bytes

ABORTION: The only place in America where “white privilege” actually exists is in the womb.

BLACK LIVES MATTER: Researchers at Princeton University have determined that, between May 24 and Aug 22, only 7% of the demonstrations linked to BLM involved violence.

So, see?! MOSTLY peaceful! Ha!

Of course, those that were not peaceful involved hundreds of people committing enough violence against persons and property to cause millions of dollars in damages.

So there’s that.

CALIFORNIA: The Socialist Paradise has announced yet more rolling blackouts.

CLINTON: CLICK [:20] and watch Slick Willy listen to Shrillary who is STILL ranting about how unfair it was that she lost in 2016.

I was wondering why he hasn’t strangled her in her sleep yet, but then I remembered two things. They haven’t slept together in decades and he still has Secret Service agents parked at his door.

CRITICAL RACE THEORY: This is real – You can see close ups of the image at the first link and what the “social justice warrior” teaching this seminar is all about at the second one.

NEW YORK: Rochester – Black Lives Matter held a “mostly peaceful” protest during which at least two police officers were injured.

CLICK [:49] to see Steve Lysenko, one of the participants, bitching about how the “f***ing police” hit marchers with pepper spray. Lysenko’s Twitter profile says, “Husband. Father. Child. Advocate for Social Justice. Educator. Child of God.” His video went viral, resulting in parents filing multiple complaints with his employers at Spencerport High School, where he is (was?) a teacher and assistant principal. (Spencerport is a suburb of Rochester.)

CLICK [2:20] to see BLMers winning hearts and minds to their cause by invading an outdoor restaurant, chanting “If you don’t give us our sh—, we shut sh— down” at fleeing diners (one guy had a bull horn) and throwing dishes, food, and furniture. Comments on the video: “These are Biden supporters”, “The diners are rushing home to remove their BLM yard signs”, and “Making more Trump voters than they realize.”

NORMALIZING PEDOPHILIA: Pink News is an LGBT news outlet. Apparently, they think allowing adult pervs get their rocks off by watching children bump and grind is a good thing.

NORTH KOREA: Yeonmi Park is one of several hundred North Koreans who have managed to escape to the United States. Now a human rights activist, she says of her former home, “North Korea is … not like other countries like Iran or Cuba. In those countries, you have some kind of understanding that they are abnormal, they are isolated and the people are not safe.

But North Korea has been so completely purged from the rest of the world, it’s literally a Hermit Kingdom. When I was growing up there, I didn’t know that I was isolated, I didn’t know that I was praying to a dictator.”

Park describes growing up eating insects to survive and blames the ruling Kim family for letting their people starve to death. Both her uncle and grandmother died from malnutrition.

You’d see so many people just dying. It was something normal for us to see the dead bodies on the street. It was a normal thing for me. I never thought that was something unusual,” she said.

NOT THE BEE: “How is this not satire?” [3:10] – Adam Ford “unpacks” this “unintentionally satirical masterpiece” at the link.

Everyone involved deserves an Oscar. If we could produce videos like this we’d be bigger than Netflix in a week.”

OREGON: Portland – The mayor of Portland has apologized to his “neighbors” for putting them at risk with his presence. And by “neighbors”, he means only the people who live in my high rise condo.

But everyone in Portland is his neighbor. If he really cared about keeping them safe, he would have stopped the rioting on day one.

TRUMP ECONOMY:May, June, July and August have been the four biggest months of job creation in the history of the United States. We’ve regained over 10 million jobs in four months ” – Stephen Moore, economist and author of Trumponomics

In other news, leaders of several public and private sector unions are threatening to organize walkouts this fall for teachers, truck drivers and service workers in an effort to protest “police killing Black people, of armed white nationalists killing demonstrators, of millions sick and increasingly desperate.”

Translation: “Despite our best efforts to prolong the COVID lockdowns, the damn Trump economy is bouncing back, which is making us increasingly desperate about November.

TEXAS: The state may be red, but Austin is blue. And the all-Democrat Austin City Council voted unanimously to cut one-third of the Austin PD’s budget.

Republican Gov. Abbot announced on Thursday that he is considering a legislative proposal that would place the Austin Police Department under the control of the State of Texas.

WALKAWAY: Today’s excerpt (I hope you find these as encouraging as I do!) – I love that we are breaking all stereotypes of red voters as “old white rich men,” “gun-obsessed rednecks” and “fifties-style housewives!” You guys are such a smart, free thinking, diverse and kind crowd!

I’m a Russian immigrant of 13 years, belly dancer, mom, healthy lifestyle advocate, essential oil & crystals lover, and a naturalized USA citizen that was leaning right on economic policies and left on social policies, but never voted before. It was beat into my brain from living in the phony post-socialist Russian “democracy” that our votes don’t matter.

Until Trump got elected! I just KNEW he wasn’t “meant” to win, but he did. Sure he was rough around the edges, everyone thought he was dumb when he spoke in code, and his mannerisms triggered me, but he was a breath of fresh air, and there HAD to be a reason the corrupt establishment and the lying media hated him so passionately. This year has been so eye-opening as to WHY!

And this year, I’ll be casting my first vote in America, for America!


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