“Be true to who you are now. Not to who the Democrats used to be.” – Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who was a member of the Democratic Party until last year and now supports President Trump

Two years ago, President Trump and First Lady Melania were forced to cancel a planned trip to Aisne Marne American Cemetery to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I with French President Macron.

The Atlantic recently dusted the story off, claiming Trump had said he didn’t want to go, because there was nobody but losers buried there. Anybody who knows Trump at all knows that’s ridiculous. He has tremendous respect for our military! And the real reason for canceling was reported at the time.

The press and Democrats and Never Trumpers jumped on the rehash of this old non-story. Trump denied the slander and reiterated that bad weather had grounded their helicopter.

He had considered, but had nixed the idea of driving, because a 55-mile, last-minute motorcade drive would have caused his security detail enormous stress and made a mess of Paris traffic.

He was criticized (of course) for canceling, but you know as sure as the sun shines in Yuma, he’d have been criticized for messing up traffic if he’d gone.

Slow Joe Biden decided to lead with this nasty piece of FAKE NEWS at his Sept 4 presser, feigning anger over Trump’s alleged remarks, even as he admitted that he had no idea if the story was true!

The Atlantic, which got the first question asked, “What does it tell you about President Trump’s soul and the life he leads?

CBS claimed Trump had “once again suggested to his supporters that they can vote twice … which is a felony” then asked Joe, “Just curious what you make of it?

Another question was “Why aren’t you angrier at Trump?” Whoa. Deep.

What the DemoRat Jerk-nalists did NOT ask were any questions about Joe’s plans or policies. They did NOT ask about members of his staff donating money to bail rioters out of jail. And they did NOT ask about that time he groped a Secret Service agent’s girlfriend, which has led to a recent law suit filing.

Curtis Houck, Managing Editor of NewsBuster, tweeted, “This isn’t even putting the ball on the tee. This is hitting the ball over the stands and letting Biden run the bases.”


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2 responses to “2020

  1. Anybody who knows Trump at all knows that’s ridiculous.

    You misspelled “a heinous lie.”

    There’s been a tremendous and highly-organized push on that lie, too. Flipped on Fox radio news yesterday and heard the tail-end of a report on that. Flipped the radio off again right away.

    They do subscribe to the “repeat a lie long and loud enough and people will believe it” school. Lacking anything new, they just recycle old and discredited notions. Early-on Trump did make an unfortunate characterization of John McCain’s time as a POW, so now they’re pushing a) Trump hates vets and b) Trump dissed McCain (a really horrible man who should have been convicted in the Keating 5 crimes at the least), and if you try to argue a) they’ll just talk about b).

    In the same recycled-lies vein, I heard a few seconds of Big Mike Obama’s speech “at” the DNC, and among other stale lies mentioned was “kids in cages,” as if it were Trump who did that, not its husband Hussein.