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2020: Tucker Carlson’s report from last Friday [9:04] – Trump’s “meaty” acceptance speech and the Democrats’ too little, too late condemnation of this summer’s rioting. “A riptide of radicalism is drowning the Democrats.”

2020: Laura Ingraham’s report from last Friday [12:20] In “A Tale of Two Futures”, Laura says the contrast between the two parties and their two presidential candidates could not be more stark.

2020_09 01 BLM started under BHO

RIOTS: Remember when a vote for Barack Obama was a vote for permanently ending racial division in America?

Hawk Newsome, chair of Black Lives Matter (BLM) of Greater New York, appeared on Fox News’ “The Story” with anchor Martha MacCallum.

She ended the interview after he refused to answer questions about the morality of looting.

[W]hite supremacy will have you criticizing the oppressed and worshiping the oppressors. Now, if you want to talk to me about reparations, nothing falls short of a solution other than people cutting a check. If you want to do something about reparations, cut the check.”

2020_09 01 Dem convention

RIOTS: Democrat cities are dying as business owners cancel plans to open new stores, shift workers away from downtown offices, and/or pull out of Democrat hell holes altogether.

They cite the weak response by Democrat political leaders to the rioting and looting that has been wreaking havoc on their cities since late May.

2020_09 01 MAGA hate

OREGON: PortlandPortland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler publicly refused federal aid, then blamed President Trump for the shooting of a right-wing protester in Portland on Saturday night.

It’s you [Trump] who have created the hate and division. What America needs is for you to be stopped.” – Mayor Ted Wheeler

Joe Biden also blamed President Trump for “recklessly encouraging violence” in Portland saying, “All of us are less safe because Donald Trump can’t do the job of the American president.

2020_09 01 rioters teach about peace

WASHINGTON, D.C.: CLICK [1:24] to hear a BLM leader call his “troops” to greater and more lethal violence.

I’m ready to put these police in the f***ing grave! … I want to burn the White House down.”

2020_09 01 kenosha

WISCONSIN: KenoshaThe locals say that outsiders are responsible for the destruction and violence. And they blame their Democrat governor, Tony Evers, for allowing their city to go up in flames.

This is likely to be very bad politically for Democrats, since Wisconsin will be a crucial swing state in the 2020 presidential election.

Click to read the detailed report by Evita Duffy about conditions in Kenosha that you won’t hear about from the Democrat Media Machine.

2020_09 01 Orwell

TRANS: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, Virginia, ruled recently that “equal protection and Title IX can protect transgender students from school bathroom policies that prohibit them from affirming their gender.”

So females who want penis-free bathrooms must bow to biologically intact males who want to “affirm their internal sense of gender”, because the Constitution says so?!?

I guess the Left’s long-time support for a “constitutional right to privacy” only extends far enough to grant females leave to slaughter their unborn babies.

2020_09 01 word nerd

WORD NERD: I learned this on Blue Bloods, where Danny won $20 for knowing it LOL.

Forte is pronounced for-tay when it means (adv or adj) loud, as in a musical direction OR (noun) the strongest part of a sword or foil blade.

But it’s pronounced fort when it means (noun) a person’s strong point.

2020_09 01 virus cruise mask

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