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HAIL MARY, FULL OF GRACE: The lyrics are the Hail Mary prayer in Latin [2:30] – Opera singer Christopher Macchio offered a beautiful rendition of the song, cherished by Catholics, from the Blue Room balcony of the White House after President Donald Trump’s speech officially accepting his party’s nomination to run for reelection.

After the sung prayer to Our Lady, Macchio invited the Trump family and guests gathered on the south lawn of the White House to join in singing “God Bless America” and “America the Beautiful.”

Dr. Taylor Marshall, Catholic author and a member of Catholics for Trump advisory board, tweeted, “God will honor those who honor Him (and those who honor the Mother of God the Son).”

GOP Convention: ICYMI [2:45] So inspiring!

2020_08 31 trump's free stuff

GOP Convention: The Red Tsunami is comingCLICK  [8:52] to hear 8 minutes of Democrats calling C-SPAN to say, “I’m done” and “God bless Donald Trump.”

2020_08 31 Harris phony

GOP Convention: Democrat VP nominee Kamala Harris responded to Trump’s acceptance speech with a litany of lies.

It’s embedded at the link, but I couldn’t listen to it.

2020: At six minutes, Tammy Bruce spoke of the Democrats’ refusal to condemn the rioting and looting.

Donna Brazile jumped in, claiming “I will never be an American in your world,” because “400 years of slavery.”

Not only is that a freaking lie, but also it doesn’t excuse a damn thing.

2020_08 31 no hate groups

BLM and KKK: Isn’t it interesting how 100% of the membership of both these vile organizations is/were Democrats?

2020_08 31 portland

OREGON: PortlandAn ANTIFA/BLM paramilitary gunman, apparently incensed at the nerve of some Trump supporters to peacefully demonstrate, hunted one down and assassinated him.

CLICK [:10] to hear, “Hey! Hey, we got one right here! We got a Trumper right here!” “Right here?” BANG. BANG.

After the shooting, the thugs celebrated the death of “a f***ing Nazi. Our community held its own and put down the trash.”

CLICK [:33] to hear the drum beat and self-congratulations over the execution of a Trump supporter.

The media reported this as, “One dead after clashes between Trump supporters, protesters.”

In the body of the story at the NY Times, it’s clear they knew it wasn’t just “one” but “one Trump supporter.”

A man wearing the apparel of a right-wing group was shot and killed Saturday.”

2020_08 31 kenosha

WASHINGTON: Kenosha riots – RiotKitchen206 tweeted, Riot Kitchen HQ just learned that our bus crew was arrested in broad daylight in #Kenosha today – kidnapped by feds in unmarked vans. We are currently trying to find our friends who were just there to feed people. Please share and donate for bail via Venmo riotkitchen206.”

According to the Kenosha News, the detainment occurred around 7:30 p.m., well after the city’s 7 p.m. curfew.

The Kenosha Police Department’s media release said that Kenosha police officers were responding to a citizen tip when they located and took up surveillance on three suspicious looking vehicles with out-of-state plates.

When they saw occupants filling multiple fuel cans with gasoline, the LEOs exited their vehicles. They were wearing appropriate identification and verbally identified themselves, before detaining the occupants of two of the vehicles.

When the third attempted to drive away, police stopped it, forced entry and found helmets, gas masks, protective vests, illegal fireworks, and suspected controlled substances. These individuals were also arrested.

Riot Kitchen responded, “Protective equipment we have on the bus is just that – for protection while being in large crowds with masks for COVID protection.”

Not sure how helmets, protective vests, illegal fireworks, gas masks, and controlled substances (which were found in the three vehicles) are supposed to protected people from COVID.

2020_08 31 covid

COVID-19: Trump’s responseThrough Operation Warp Speed and in partnership with Abbott Laboratories, production of the super fast coronavirus test will be ramped up to 50 million tests monthly.

The test costs $5 per test and produces results in 15 minutes with a 97% accuracy rate. Like a home pregnancy test, it doesn’t need a lab or a machine to process it.

2020_08 31 T Paine renounced reason

COVID-19: Non sequitur While discussing social distancing on CNN, Dr. Rob Davidson said that the lack of COVID-19 precautions at social justice protests aren’t as concerning as the crowd at the White House for President Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention speech, because racism is a public health issue.

2020_03 15 COVID-19

COVID-19: August 26, 2020 CDC report COVID-19 was the only cause of death in just 6% of the American deaths.

Among the 94%, those who died have had an average of 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.

2020_08 31 fake friend

FAKE FRIEND: File this under “Book I will NEVER read”A long-time, but now former and horrible friend of Melania Trump’s secretly recorded their conversations and has published a nasty tell-all.

Honestly, the stuff quoted in the Gateway Pundit article is exactly the kind of stuff that girlfriends tell each other when they’re VENTING about their relatives.

Everybody gets frustrated sometimes with their relatives!

I don’t know what guys do. Go to bars and bitch to strangers maybe.

Women go to their BFFs to blow off steam. The point of it is to get our feelings validated, so we can get our love back on and keep on keeping on.

Girlfriends are supposed to listen, pour the wine, and afterwards, keep their big, fat mouths SHUT forever and ever about whatever was said.

2020_08 31 Bunny 1st sew mach lesson

GRAMMY NOTES: Bunny enjoyed her first sewing machine lesson. She made design decisions and helped with cutting, feeding fabric, and pushing the pedal.

When she’s got enough experience and feels confident about doing two things at once, she’ll get to try feeding the fabric while pushing the pedal. But that’s tricky. One wrong move and you can sew your fingers!

2020_08 31 Delorean for sale

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