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GOP Convention Highlights

After I posted day one highlights, I meant to continue with daily highlight posts. That plan got scuttled by some dental work that proved to be more draining than expected. While I recuperated, the convention ended and I am scrambling to catch up on the three days I missed.

President Trump [52:08] surprise, off-the-cuff speech. His planned acceptance speech isn’t posted at YouTube yet, so I’ll try to remember to put it into Bits & Bytes after they get a round tuit.

2020_08 28 BIDEN prog trojan horse

Joe Biden would be nothing more than a Trojan horse for a radical left.” VP Pence’s acceptance speech is embedded at the link. I can’t find it on YouTube.

Madison Cawthorn [4:14] made an inspiring speech that you shouldn’t miss … especially the end!

Lara Trump [7:45] talked about Trump’s support for women and about the promise of America. “In recent months, we’ve seen weak, spineless politicians cede control of our great American cities to violent mobs. … Joe Biden will not do what is needed to keep us safe.”

2020_08 28 under god

CLICK [1:09] to hear a lifelong Democrat who, after watching the convention, decided he will “follow the Republican Party” and vote for Trump.

2020_08 28 Dem cities riot

CLICK [4:43] to hear another lifelong Democrat who lives near rioting explain that she’s switching her vote to Republican, because Democrats didn’t even mention the violence, while Republicans condemned it repeatedly and called first responders and members of law enforcement and the military “heroes.

First lady Melania Trump [26:34] gave her 2020 RNC speech from the Rose Garden at the White House. She talked about how COVID-19 has impacted our nation, how the White House celebrated the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, and shared her story of coming to America as an immigrant.

2020_08 28 Bette Melania

Our classy FLOTUS may not be a dynamic speaker, but she surely didn’t deserve what Ugly Bette Midler tweeted. If still had any DVDs in which she appeared, I’d throw them out.

Sister Dede Byrne [3:59] spoke on the third night of the Republican National Convention on Aug. 26, 2020. She retired as a colonel from the U.S. Army Medical Corps in 2009 and is the superior of the D.C. Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts.

Byrne spoke of her opposition to abortion, saying, “As a physician, I can say unequivocally life begins at conception” and noted Biden and Harris are “the most anti-life presidential ticket ever” because they “support the horrors of late-term abortion and infanticide.”

Anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson [4:50] detailed her journey from director of an abortion facility to pro-life activist.

Johnson used vivid language to condemn abortion, detailing an abortion that she witnessed. “Abortion is very real,” Johnson said. “I know what it sounds like; what it smells like.”

Mark Hemingway of RealClear Investigations noted: “The GOP before Trump would have been terrified to air such explicit anti-abortion rhetoric in prime time.”

Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann [4:43] called out the cancel culture and media hysteria – In 2019, Sandmann was targeted and victimized by Native American activist Nathan Phillips.

My life changed forever in that one moment. The full war machine of the mainstream media revved up into attack mode,” Sandmann said

His final act is especially significant, because the reason Phillips targeted him was that he was wearings a red MAGA hat.

The media narrative for days after was that the MAGA hat was “the new KKK hood.

2020_08 28 sandmann tweet

2020_08 28 sandmann reply

Chen Guangcheng [2:38] is the blind human rights advocate who was targeted by the ChiComs for exposing their massive program of brutal forced abortions. After years of abuse, he escaped China and received asylum in the United States in 2012.

2020_08 28 small business

Left: Jason Joyce, an eighth-generation lobster fisherman from Maine, lamented an Obama–Biden administration move to order thousands of miles of ocean off-limits to commercial fishermen.

President Trump reversed that decision, reinstating the rules that allow stakeholder input, and he supports a process that seeks and respects fishermen’s views,” Joyce said.

Middle: Cris Peterson, owner of a 1,000-cow dairy farm in Wisconsin, said that business was horrible in 2016, with many generational farms across the nation going out of business.

More than any president, [Trump] has acknowledged the importance of farmers and agriculture. That support and focus on negotiating new trade deals gave us the confidence to rebuild our barn and dairy operation.”

Right: John Peterson, owner of a metal fabrication business, blamed the Obama–Biden administration for putting his business into a tailspin.

He praised the president for cutting regulations and putting an end to “draconian banking regulations” that made it difficult for his business to borrow money.

2020_08 25 Trump CNN

President Trump is a gracious man, giving credit where credit is due, even to a network that has treated him as shabbily as CNN has done.

2020_08 28 harris biden

The Biden campaign responded to night two of this week’s Republican National Convention, casting it as an evening of “empty rhetoric” and “empty gestures.


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Bits & Bytes

2020_08 28 what is really important

2020_08 28 hurricane

PRAYERS NEEDED: Hurricane Laura made landfall early Thursday in southwestern Louisiana near the Texas border as a Category 4 storm with winds up to 150 mph.

2020_08 28 poll

2020: Polling – A new CBS News/YouGov America poll showed Trump leading Biden by 10 points among independents. TEN points. Among INDEPENDENTS.

Ninety-seven percent of the independents said that they “definitely” or “probably” would vote in the November election.

The same percentage described their support for Biden or Trump as “very strong – I’ve decided,” or “strong – I probably won’t change.”

A Heritage Action poll showed Trump (48%) vs. Biden (48%) in the key battleground states of Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida.

A Rasmussen Reports poll released on Monday found that 51% of likely voters said that they approved of the job Trump is doing versus 47% who said they disapproved.

2020_08 28 TRUMP flag silhouette

2020: President Trump’s foreign policy successesTrump will go down as perhaps the most consequential president in terms of the Middle East in American history.”

Read the rest at the link.

2020_08 28 biden trump

2020: Five reasons why Creepy Ol’ Joe will lose in November.

2020_08 28 hillary

2020: Shrillary says, “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances” because she predicts that the election results will “drag out” and Biden will emerge the victor.

2020_08 28 Biden Civil War

2020: VP Joe, Sheriff of Incompetence and Corruption This article details the results of Biden’s management of the $787 billion economic recovery program that Democrats passed in February 2009.

2020_08 28 Social media by Branco

SOCIAL MEDIA: The Left weaponizes virtue signaling, wielding it like a flaming sword of shame against any who question the Absolute Truth of their current narrative (or who point out that not so long ago, they were saying the exact opposite was true).

Full disclosure: This is a slight modification of a line I saw on Facebook that was so good, I had to steal it.

2020_08 28 PP KKK deaths

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: On August 21, Buzzfeed posted an expose of racism at Planned Parenthood. Not only do they target minority neighborhoods and kill a disproportionate number of Black babies, but they also limit employees of color, especially Blacks, in lower-paying roles.

They say they regularly experience microaggressions, tokenization, and racism in the organization, which is primarily run by white women. When they push for more inclusivity, they are ignored or brushed off.

2020_08 28 washington

WASHINGTON: Seattle – On Monday, rioters attempted to seal cops inside the East Precinct building and set fire to the building. The officers inside were able to force their way out and disperse the rioters. One officer was injured and one suspect was arrested.

On Tuesday, police arrested Desmond David-Pitts, who reportedly confessed to his crime and was booked into King County Jail for first-degree arson. He was scheduled for a court appearance in King County Wednesday, before federal authorities stepped in to inform the county prosecutor’s office that they planned on pursuing first-degree arson charges at the federal level.

David-Pitts has been transferred into federal custody as a result. If for any reason federal authorities decide not to proceed with charges, the King County Prosecutor’s Office plans to move forward with charges of its own.

2020_08 28 Kenosha Blake

WISCONSIN: Kenosha – Wisconsin’s Democrat Governor Tony Evers called in the National Guard on Monday, but there weren’t enough to prevent rioters from destroying more property, blocking roads, and hurling bottles and fireworks at law enforcement officers. They said more guardsmen would be called in.

2020_08 28 mostly peaceful

WISCONSIN: Kenosha The media reported the rioting in Kenosha as “mostly peaceful” while buildings burned to the ground right behind them.

CLICK [7:44] to see Tucker Carlson’s report on the violence, which included murders and “mostly peaceful” protesters screaming “Death to America” and “Kill the police.

A man in his 70s, who was trying to chase away arsonists who had broken into the mattress store where he worked, got punched in the head and knocked him to the ground.

  • Turn his head … he’s drowning on his blood!
  • He was trying to defend his building and they beat the s–t out of him!
  • We need to move him across the street because his building is on fire.

The man suffered lacerations to his head and a broken jaw. The fire completed destroyed the business.

CHINA: Aug 14th video report [4:01] At a time when the world is battling the coronavirus crisis, China is flexing its military muscle in the South China sea.

On Aug. 26, the Trump administration targeted Chinese businesses and individuals for assisting in the ChiCom’s military aggression in the South China Sea.

The Commerce Department blacklisted two dozen Chinese companies, which means American firms can’t do business with them unless they obtain a special license.

The State Department also imposed visa restrictions on certain Chinese citizens, which means they can’t come here. The restrictions may be expanded to included family members.

2020_08 28 poland

POLAND: Windows of Life” in Poland have saved at least 40 babies. These anonymous, baby-safe, drop boxes offer parents a place to leave a baby whom they can no longer take care of.

2020_08 28 Virus Van Gogh

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