Melania’s Rose Garden Makeover

2020_08 22 plan

The Rose Garden as we are all familiar with was established in 1962, under President John F. Kennedy. It has, of course, enjoyed updates and small face lifts, but after nearly six decades, roots have grown and spread, affecting some plants, larger trees have created too much shade, the turf has drainage issues, and the walkways, which were built or redone during different updates, don’t match.

2020_08 22 rose garden before

During the first three weeks of August, teams of workers – including gardeners and electricians – took it all out and replaced it with the garden in the plan above. The goals included not only fixing the problems listed above, but also making the space better for televised and streamed events. For example, the lighting has been updated for more TV-friendly viewing and all the utility cables placed beneath the now-matching paving to hide the unsightly, but necessary wires, cords and plugs. The entire project has been funded by private donations.

2020_08 22 complete a

2020_08 22 complete overview

The flowers will be predominantly roses. Through the years, the Rose Garden has been planted and replanted with seasonal flowers of many species, but the mainstay has been the rose, of which more than 50 varieties have been planted. Mrs. Trump chose to focus on several of the most iconic American species, including the “White House Rose,” a white varietal with a tall, vertical shrub style; the “JFK Rose,” which is cream-colored; and the “Peace Rose,” a smaller tea rose with a pale yellow center and light pink edges.

2020_08 22 ROSES

Mrs. Trump has also brought in an outdoor furniture expert to create furnishing to replace the random pieces of furniture from previous administrations. She has also commissioned a bench similar to the one Ellen Wilson had placed in the garden, which remained there from 1913 until 1962.


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6 responses to “Melania’s Rose Garden Makeover

  1. This is good.

    The left spreads fear in order to better manipulate the public.

    The Trumps pour oil on those troubled waters to help us hold
    steady and seek out one another.

    We must prevail. Pray.

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  2. red

    Arizona has them beat (so to speak 🙂 One Lady Banks rose planted in Tombstone in the 1855 covers 8,000 square feet (1/5 acre). They have to keep it trimmed back or I would try to cover town 🙂 As an addict to gardening, I’m glad she took matters in hand and cleaned up the trashy mess left by Mr. Obama and her husband.
    This rose is a major plus for Tombstone tourism. Ours hasn’t had any water since the last rain, last winter. It’s doing just fine.,1855%20by%20a%20homesick%20bride.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Spreads like crazy, needs constant attention to control …

      Scientific: Rosa banksiae
      Common: Lady Banks’ rose
      Family: Rosaceae
      Origin: China <<< ROFL


      • whataya know?
        a greedily invasive rose from China !!!

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        • red

          Oh, cruel lady. How about all those greedy invasives from Europe? Lady Banks only grows as far as allowed. We had a nice hedge of them on the farm leading up to the outhouse. When they got too wild, after bloom, Dad put the goats in the yard for a few hours. Banks do not produce seeds and so aren’t actually invasive. Much better than other invasives like, say, Soros, the Kennedy Klan, and too many more invading the US. 🙂