Democrat Winner is an Immature Bully

This amateurish, 19-year-old Democratic candidate has defeated 13-year incumbent Stan Frownfelter, 823 to 809, in the Aug. 4 Democratic primary for the 37th District.

Because there is no Republican challenger, he is a shoo-in for the seat.

If that weren’t bad enough, Aaron Coleman (who claims to be a feminist) won despite having admitted to abusing multiple girls when he was in middle school. (Remember, he’s all of 19 now.)

One young woman says Coleman “harassed me for months, it got so bad that he found out my family’s home phone and wouldn’t stop calling it until we picked up.

Another young woman says that, just five years ago, Coleman “got one of my nudes and blackmailed me with it and told me if I didn’t send him more he would (send) it to all of my friends and family. And when I didn’t send him more, he sent it to everyone I knew.” The victim wasn’t sure how Coleman obtained the photo. “All I know is he’s an awful person and he should not be allowed to run for anything,” she stated.

The third, and possibly most heinous, was his vicious bullying of a six grader that got so bad, she attempted suicide. It included “calling me fat, telling me to kill myself, like I’m never going to find anyone, like I’m worthless, just downgrading me every day” and sending messages that read, “F*** you you f***ing ratchet fat s**t. F*** off whale. Go on a diet and get some braces.

On his Facebook page dedicated to his campaign, Coleman admitted to the accusations, but said they were “the actions of a sick and troubled 14-yo boy. I made serious mistakes in middle school and I deeply regret and apologize for them. I’ve grown up a great deal since then.”

Oh. So he’s grown up so much in just five years that he’s now ready to draft and vote on LEGISLATION?!

And it’s not like he’s actually grown up all that much. During the campaign, he told former Republican state lawmaker John Whitmer that he would “laugh and giggle when you get COVID and die.

Democrats voted for him. It’s not clear to me how many of them were dead. When I told Dearest about this, he said, “He’s gotta be somebody’s puppet.” Yeah. Unless, could it be, Kansas Democrats are actually this lazy, stupid, and corrupt?


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  1. Not only was that ad sloppy and amateurish, he couldn’t enunciate. Urk.

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