Alyssa Milano Gets Schooled

2020_08 22 who cares

Usually, I skip anything about this woman. But the replies she got were priceless. They were so good, in fact, that she ended up blocking everybody but her bffs from replying.

2020_08 22 Milano love

Samantha Marika wrote, “Do you mean the ‘love’ the Democrats showed when they rode around in white hoods and lynched blacks? OR Do you mean the ‘love’ the Democrats show when they support the murder of millions of babies?

2020_08 22 slaves

Burgess Owens (Republican candidate for Utah’s 4th district) wrote, “As a black man it’s hard to believe so many people are willing to vote for Joe Biden. A man so worried at the thought of his kids going to school with mine. A man who bragged about sponsoring the bill that incarcerated millions that just needed a second chance.”

2020_08 22 superiority

Aaron Worthing wrote, “Yeah, those are love riots in our cities right now.

2020_08 22 violet

Allen Sutton (Founder of Stewardship America) wrote, “President @realDonaldTrump has done more for middle- and working-class Americans in 3.5 years than all other presidents combined over the past 3 decades. He has restored American sovereignty, economic growth, and US military strength. He is the greatest president of all time.”

2020_08 22 blocked

I guess there’s no point in inviting her to Walk Away, so she can see tens of thousands of people explain why they stopped being Democrats. Cuz love, baby.

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