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2020_08 19 teach them about Jesus

2020_08 19 Trump v Napoleon

WALK AWAY: Hi all. I just retired after serving with the NYC Police Department for 38years. Never in all my year’s of serving, have I ever experienced what our law enforcement officers are going through now. Not only is it an absolute disgrace, it is extremely scary.

The police are this country’s first line of defense. If the Democrats have their way, the officers’ ability to do their job and protect us will be taken away. In NYC, officers are actually worried about countering force with force because of the restraints that have been put on them.

Shootings and homicides are going through the roof, and our Democratic mayor and governor are afraid to take the steps necessary to remedy the situation. If Biden somehow makes it into the White House, we as a country will never recover.

Please pray for our officers, our military and our president.

2020_08 19 guns v abortion

2d AMENDMENT: CLICK [5:22] to see Kamala Harris defend not just mandatory gun confiscation, but also the unconstitutional use of executive power to do it [5:22] – So, no police AND no guns.

This is another point upon which Trump is not a Napoleonic dictator … or Hitler or Stalin or any of the other government-sponsored thugs who refused to allow the populace to bear arms.

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