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2020_08 18 Mary Jesus

BACK THE BLUE: I can’t figure out which Lodi this is. There are at least three (NY, NJ, CA). [:45] – Officer Urrea of the Lodi Police Department was on patrol when she noticed the disabled man in his wheelchair apparently stuck on the train tracks. She rushed into action and saved him from the oncoming train with her heroism. The man suffered a leg injury that was treated on-site and later at the hospital.

2020_08 18 covid

COVID-19: Stockholm, which has twice the population density of New York City, did not lock down.

2020_04 23 state church

CALIFORNIA: On Friday, August 14th, the Los Angeles Superior Court issued a temporary injunction on the state’s ban on indoor church services.

On the evening of Saturday, August 15th, the California Court of Appeals reactivated the ban.

NORTH DAKOTA: [5:17] – She trusted her people. What a concept.

2020_08 18 portland

PORTLAND: More than 60 emergency 911 calls about theft, vandalism, suspicious activity, hit and runs, and burglary were put on hold, because police were too busy dealing with yet another riot.

In the 80th consecutive night of violence, rioters threw stuff at police cars and shined green lasers at officers’ eyes. Two officers were sent to the hospital after rioters threw a 10 pound rock at them.

The mob also surrounded a truck, screaming at the driver and his wife, punching the driver, and kicking his truck. The driver tried to speed off, but crashed into a light pole.

The mob chasing him laughed loudly when he crashed, then dragged both driver and wife from the truck and beat them.

The driver suffered a large wound in the back of his head and appeared unconscious throughout an almost 2½-minute video clip (screenshot above). His wife was shown sobbing nearby as the mob held her back and appeared to rifle through his truck.

Ambulance crews attempting to help the injured man were confronted by the hostile crowd and required police in riot gear to get him safely to a hospital.

In another incident, BLM thugs robbed and beat up a white woman. When a Black gentleman attempted to assist her, the thugs angrily screamed at him and called him a “n*****.”

2020_08 18 massachusetts

MASSACHUSETTS: During a Saturday appearance on MSNBC, Democratic Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley called for “unrest in the streets.” This isn’t the first time.

I’m looking to the public. You know, this is as much about public outcry, and organizing, and mobilizing, and applying pressure so that this GOP-led Senate and these governors that continue to carry water for this administration, putting the American people in harm’s way, turning a deaf ear to the needs of our families and our communities, hold them accountable. Make the phone calls, send the emails, show up. There needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives and unfortunately there’s plenty to go around.

The MSNBC host replied, “I have, I have no retort to that, congresswoman. That’s, that’s certainly accurate.”

2020_08 18 minn

MINNESOTA: CLICK [:39] to hear John Thompson, a Dem candidate for the MN House of Representatives, spew profanities on the streets of a residential neighborhood..

Thompson has been endorsed by Rep. Ilhan Omar, MN Gov. Tim Walz, and MN AG Keith Ellison.

2020_08 18 trump cuomo

NEW YORK CITY: Forty-nine more people were shot in the Rotten Apple this week-end, a 600% increase over this time last year. Gov. Cuomo, who rejected federal law enforcement assistance from Trump, says Trump “has some liability for the increase in crime.”

It always amazes me how Democrat majority governments blame their festering problems on Republicans. It’s like if the Gotham City government banned Batman, then complained that he wasn’t doing anything to fight crime.

2020_08 18 trump

TRUMP’S SALARY: This quarter he has chosen to donate his salary to help repair some of the damage done by rioters.

2020_08 18 govt has failed you

2020: The latest CNN head-to-head poll showed that, in the 15 battleground states, it’s currently Biden 49% vs. Trump’s 48%

2020_08 18 biden v trump august 13

TRUMPISM: Victor Davis Hanson gives a sober and detailed analysis of “Trumpism.” It’s worth reading.

2020_08 18 Kamala cinderella

2020: CLICK [:42] to hear Kamala Harris laugh off the idea that she might have actually believed what she said during a Democratic Primary debate.

Clearly, her former claim to believe Tara Reade was more of the same. Comma-lah is the very definition of a phony.

2020_08 18 hypocrites

HYPOCRITES: CLICK [1:03] to see crowds of Democrats marching en masse on Saturday to express their profound fear that being forced to vote in person in November would risk their lives.

It was a nice touch seeing them shoving paper into the door gate of the home of the U.S. Postal Service to show everyone how scary it would be to have to cast a physical ballot.

2020_08 18 fake news

FAKE NEWS: Last week, two of Hollywood’s Top Political Analysts tweeted the Alarming News that Trump was stealing USPS trucks and post boxes in anticipation of foiling the Democrats’ Righteous Attempt to force All-Mail-In voting on us in November.

Fact Check: The postal truck had broken down and the post boxes were being replaced with new ones.

But wait … the FAKE NEWS was retweeted by former White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who was also a finalist to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick.

Then, on Friday night, at a virtual fundraiser, Joe Biden himself said, “They’re going around literally with tractor trailers picking up mailboxes. You oughta go online and check out what they’re doing in Oregon. I mean, it’s bizarre!”

2020_08 18 bongino & swift

USPS: There is no dismantling of the post office.

2020_08 18 Crossfire montage

SPYGATE: Kevin Clinesmith was an FBI in-house lawyer who was working with the Mueller Special Counsel team when he altered a CIA email. The original email said that Carter Page was working for the CIA and thus had legitimate reasons to be schmoozing with Russians.

Clinesmith changed it to say that Carter Page was NOT working for the CIA and thus was a legitimate target for a FISA warrant. Since Page was associated with the Trump campaign, the “two hop” rule allowed the FISA warrant to extend to anyone who corresponded with anyone who had corresponded with Page.

Last week, Clinesmith was charged. Most, if not all, of the rest of the Mueller Special Counsel team are in deep seriously trouble.

2020_08 18 court win

COURT WIN: The Supreme Court has ruled that George Soros’ Open Societies entities that are based abroad, but work with organizations inside the U.S., do not have First Amendment rights.

2020_08 18 HILLARY toon

COURT LOSS: A three-judge federal appeals court panel on Friday overturned a lower court order for Hillary Clinton to sit for a deposition over her use of a private email server for government work while she was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

2020_08 18 red pill

RED PILLED: CLICK [2:19] to hear a former Trump-hating radio host admit that he’s done the research and he’s “not an idiot any more.”

2020_08 18 WOKE up PUKE

WALK AWAY:Once upon a time life was grand then along came Covid and my research began. I thought I would share my walk away story. When Covid started Something in my gut did not sit right with me so down the rabbit hole I went and wow the things one can learn. I learned what all this fake news Trump kept going on and on about. I found and would watch the real videos of Trump’s speeches and then the ones posted on social media that were spliced to make him sound and look racist, I had no idea. I learned Obama wired the White House to Spy on Trump, again no idea. Another big one was the 30 million dollars the left spent to dig up dirt on Trump and trying to bring him down, oh the list goes on and on, the lies and the corruption had me walking away.”

2020_08 18 Days Inn sign

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