2020 Democratic National Convention

DAY ONE: Dan Bongino plays clips and laughs [1:03:06] –

This is only a hot take from the first night. The party of want, deprivation, and envy, still has three more nights to check off the rest of the demographic, policy, and grievance blocks.” – Mike Ford at Red State

It was the opposite of stirring, motivating, thrilling, exciting. By the time the two hours were over, America was so dehydrated it needed a saline drip.” – John Podhoretz at the New York Post

The Democratic National Convention kicked off Monday night with all the glamour and excitement of a Zoom conference. The Home Shopping Network produces more dynamic programming and is far better at pushing product.” – Maureen Callahan at the New York

2020_08 18 michelle

MICHELLE OBAMA: Most of the speeches from the DNC last night were a true snooze. Let’s just be frank. It looked like most of them dialed it in and they couldn’t even be bothered to update their speeches. Some of them, like Michelle Obama, didn’t even mention Kamala Harris. Why? Because she hadn’t even been picked when Obama taped her speech and she couldn’t be bothered to update it and include a piece on her.” – Nick Arama at Red State

CLICK [:35] to hear the Michelle Obama clip tweeted to demonstrate what a sterling judge of character she is.

2020_08 18 kasich

JOHN KASICH: There was one segment of pusillanimous “Republican” former officeholders,. The grand finale of this group was that weasel, John Kasich. ‘Nuff said.” – Mike Ford at Red State [FYI: pusillanimous means weak-minded, faint-hearted, mean-spirited; cowardly.]

Trump denounced his former 2016 presidential primary foe: “He was a loser as a Republican and he’ll be a loser as a Democrat.”

Dan Bongino called him, “One of the most unliked guys in Republican politics.”

CLICK [:59] to hear Chris Christie savage John Kasich.

2020_08 18 BERNIE

BERNIE SANDERS: There was really only one important piece of this waste of internet bandwidth. That was articulated by Bernie Sanders. His speech was the most important takeaway…Bernie claimed that his part of the party is now ascendant. He made the case that the Democrat Party is all-in on all of the Socialist planks that will ultimately comprise their platform. Put another way, if something happens to Ol’ Joe…the party won’t ease, slide or lurch left. It will dive headlong into Socialist tyranny.” – Mike Ford at Red State

2020_08 18 klobuchar

AMY KLOBUCHAR: She called Biden a “man of deep experience,” whom “Barack Obama leaned on for his decency and strength.” And, unlike Michelle Obama, she managed to mention the VP candidate … once … with three words: “my friend Kamala.” – Becca Lower at Red State

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