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THE LAST LAUGH: Watch this one!! [2:47] – CNN didn’t give a flying finger about an adult Black man shooting a 5-year-old White boy in the head.

They were too busy damning Tucker to Hell for pronouncing the first name of Joe Biden’s running mate the exact same way that Joe Biden pronounces it.

It’s pronounced comma, not semicolon, lah.” ROFL!

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LIBERAL LOGIC 102: Democrats call themselves the party of tolerance, but hurl racist and sexist slurs at Republicans like “The Coon Bunch”, “self hating porch monkey,” and “c***.”

2020_08 16 liberals see blacks

BLACK VOTERS: In 2012, Romney got 4% of the Black vote. In 2016, Trump got 8%.

But the latest polls show support for Trump among Black voters is at an astounding 36%. That’s more than a third of Black Voters.

And they are not only very VOCAL, but they’ve got the FACTS and DATA on their side, which means that any member of the 2/3 who will listen can be quickly converted.

I see it all the time on WalkAway and BLEXIT.

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