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2020_08 12 Hell loving God

2020_08 12 sweden deaths

COVID-19: I’m not condemning Trump or any other government that went with a shutdown. Initial findings did make it look like COVID-19 might be even worse than the 1918 flu. Turns out, that wasn’t true, but who could’ve known?

Still, when the pandemic struck, Sweden chose to continue life as normally as possible, while instituting mostly voluntary social distancing. The only exception was a ban on gatherings of more than 50 people.

The Swedish government said from the start that the fight would be a marathon, not a sprint, and that many people would die, but that continuing with a mostly normal life would get the country to herd immunity relatively quickly while maintaining economic stability.

And it turns out, Sweden had it right. After months of condemnations by the world community for not shutting down, Sweden’s coronavirus death rate is nearly zero.

2020_08 12 MASKS abortion

2020: Vote Republican in November – Now that we know that the Swedes called it, there is nothing but fear-mongering to support Democrats’ continuing with shelter in place, mandatory masks, closed schools, threats of mass vaccinations, etc.


TRUMP ECONOMY: It isn’t politically advantageous for Democrats to allow anybody to reopen anything.

2020_08 12 Trump bailout blue states not

STIMULUS: WATCH THIS ONE!! CLICK [4:16] to hear how Trump got the Slime Stream Media to turn on Nancy Pelosi. Even MSNBC and PBS!

2020_08 12 surber

2020: There are three groups of people who will vote for Trump: those who supported Trump in 2016, those who have come to support Trump, and those who are so frightened of Biden and the Democrats that they’ll do anything to see Trump win.” – Andrea Widburg

2020_08 12 MLK riots

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: CLICK [10:07] to hear Tucker talking about how violence doesn’t bother Democrats; disobedience does. This is worth watching. He goes over a lot of recent news stories.

When everything is political, we learn to trust nothing.” – Tucker Carlson

2020_08 12 black vote

2020: The Black vote is a critical Democrat demographic – In 2012, Mitt Romney got only 4%. In 2016, Donald Trump doubled that, but still didn’t hit double digits.

The July Rasmussen Presidential Job Approval rating showed President Trump garnering 36%.

If The Donald is a racist, he’s doing a very bad job of it! LOL

2020_08 12 CINO biden

BIDEN: I had to shut off The Five when Juan said, “Joe Biden is a devout Catholic.” Then I yelled at the monitor for a while. It didn’t change anything, but I felt better.

I loved what Catholic Vote had to say: If supporting abortion, slandering saints, and suing the Little Sisters of the Poor is your idea of what it means to be a practicing Catholic — you need more practice.”

2020_08 12 CHURCH attacks

CALIFORNIA: [1:47] – California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has issued orders sharply limiting indoor worship services in most of the state. He also prohibits “singing and chanting” in the counties not on the “County Monitoring List.

His “worship is not essential” ban includes home Bible studies and fellowship meetings, but it allows non-religious work churches do in the same building where worship services occur.

Gov. Newsom continues to support the thousands of protesters who gather in dense crowds throughout California, but his office says it’s okay, because he encourages protesters to wear masks and practice social distancing.

Harvest International Ministry, which includes 162 churches in California and 65,000 affiliate churches and ministries worldwide, is suing.

2020_08 12 MASKS Nadler

WISCONSIN: The head of Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources sent an email to employees reminding them that they must always wear a face mask, even while on a Zoom call.

Set the safety example which shows you as a DNR public service employee care about the safety and health of others.

MINNEAPOLIS: The video Steven Crowder analyzes is different from the one I posted the other day. It’s long, but if this issue concerns you, you should watch this. [25:57] – “I can’t breathe” joins “Hands up, don’t shoot” in the annals of FAKE NEWS.

The physical, scientific, and electronically recorded evidence in the case overwhelmingly and conclusively proves that these defendants are not guilty of the charges and, in fact, played no material role in bringing about Floyd’s death.

There is no scandal in the use of a department-approved neck restraint nor in the nonexistent “racism” of four officers who were attempting to keep the delirious Goorge Floyd from hurting himself while they waited for an ambulance.

The scandals are in why all of the information that exonerates the officers was withheld from the public and why the media refused to investigate anything that would damage the political narrative fueling weeks of rioting.

2020_08 12 portland

PORTLAND: Woman A self-identifies as a violent member of ANTIFA and who has a tweet pinned to the top of her Twitter account celebrating violent revolution.

Woman B was trying to film an ANTIFA protest/demonstration/riot when, apparently, the anti-cop anarchists surrounded and harassed her.

B, possibly afraid for her life, pulled a knife and stabbed A (photo) … who started screaming, “Call the police. Call the police.”

When the cops arrived, the crowd was so hostile toward them that they couldn’t adequately control the scene. Woman B left, but has returned to be interviewed.

CHICAGO: Fabulous rant by a former cop – “Shoot at cops, get shot.” [10:11] – I’ve seen unarmed white people get shot, but I’ve never seen the White community react like this. Why is it that Black people act like this?”

Context: Hundreds of people swept through downtown Chicago engaged in rampant looting of stores for several hours as law enforcement struggled to gain control of the situation. More than 100 people were arrested and 13 police officers were injured.

SEATTLE: City defunds police; chief resigns [:24].

NEW YORK CITY: [5:36] – Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for a billionaire’s tax for struggling New York while Gov. Andrew Cuomo fears billionaires won’t return.

2020_08 12 sf

SAN FRANCISCO: Democrats have destroyed a once beautiful tourist destination.

2020_08 12 sports

SPORTS: As the whole country watched, three Marxist women forced nearly every Major League Baseball player to kneel before them and their strange countercultural creed.

By bending their knees, these men have paid homage not to civil rights, but to Marxism; to the destruction of the nuclear family; to transgender and gay political power squashing not just religious liberty, but religion itself; to the defunding of police; and to the erasure of western history and culture.” – Doug Mainwaring

2020_08 12 Biden sniffing Idaho

TRUE STORY: After a black bear in Mexico was seen on a video approaching a visitor in a nature park and sniffing her hair, he was caught and castrated in preparation for moving him to a new environment.

2020_08 12 top gun

MOVIE POSTERS: For the past two years, these seniors have been making and selling calendars to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. All the photos are of their residents, recreating classic movie posters. There are five more shown at the link.

2020_08 12 MerDad

MER-DAD: For her 8th birthday, all Aspen wanted was a mermaid photoshoot. And for her dad to join her. Dad didn’t ask any questions. He threw on that mermaid tail, jumped in the water, and absolutely killed it.

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