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Media Malpractice

2020_08 12 Clinton Kaine

Recent highlights in blatant stupidity spewed by the Slime Stream Media.

The New York Times’s columnist Maureen Dowd published, “It’s hard to fathom, but it has been 36 years since a man and a woman ran together on a Democratic Party ticket.” Uhh, no.

The column has been corrected.

The New York Times’ cybersecurity reporter, Nicole Perlroth, tweeted that Russia’s disinformation campaign to “suppress black turnout” in 2016 “worked.” In fact, the 2016 election saw some of the highest black turnout of any presidential election in the last 50-plus years.

The tweet has been deleted.

Washington Post’s national politics reporter, Colby Itkowitz, tweeted that former President Barack Obama never circumvented Congress to enact by fiat his legislative agenda.

Obama, who famously bragged that he didn’t need Congress, because he had “pen and phone,” repeatedly attempted to enact his agenda by legislative fiat.

The New York Times published a news report early Monday saying, “Overall, serious crime in New York City has not jumped this year, but murders and shootings have: The city is on pace to to [sic] surpass 800 shootings for the first time in three years.”

How does the New York Times define “serious crime” if not shootings and murders?

The Washington Post published a grotesque, glossy photo essay praising Portland rioters that was titled “Trump sent agents to quell unrest. But protest is what Portland does best.”

Setting fires, shooting off mortars, attempting to blind law officers is “what Portland does best”?

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The Fake Black American

2020_08 12 biden harris

The following is mostly excerpted from an article at American Thinker by Andrea Widburg with some editing and embellishments by CtH. If you want to see the original, feel free. The link is below.

What’s most striking about Kamala is that, like Barack Obama, she has nothing in common with the American black experience. She did not come from a family that has traveled through generations of the American black experience. There’s no history of Southern slavery, no Reconstruction, and no being part of the endless variety of post-Reconstruction stories.

Some blacks struggled through the Jim Crow South, some reveled in the Harlem Renaissance, some roped cows in the Wild West, some were part of the single biggest American migration when they moved to the upper Midwest, some embraced the middle class, and some got sucked into the undertow of the underclass. Each is an American story.

Kamala’s bio, by contrast, is that of a first-generation immigrant and child of very educated parents. Her mother is a high-caste East Indian breast cancer scientist, while her father is a Jamaican-born economist who is an emeritus professor at Stanford. She grew up in liberal enclaves that were anything but racist and got a first class education.

All she’s really got to offer is her skin tone, her lady parts, and her generic hard-left résumé.

Otherwise, she’s impressively unimpressive. Her affect is flat and her personality is naggy, aggressive and snide. And her personal history stinks.

She did horribly in the primaries, because even the base couldn’t like her. But now she’s going to carry the ticket to victory?!

CLICK [:38] to hear Harris laugh snidely and say, “Yes, we can” when asked if a president can execute illegal orders.


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Bits & Bytes

2020_08 12 Hell loving God

2020_08 12 sweden deaths

COVID-19: I’m not condemning Trump or any other government that went with a shutdown. Initial findings did make it look like COVID-19 might be even worse than the 1918 flu. Turns out, that wasn’t true, but who could’ve known?

Still, when the pandemic struck, Sweden chose to continue life as normally as possible, while instituting mostly voluntary social distancing. The only exception was a ban on gatherings of more than 50 people.

The Swedish government said from the start that the fight would be a marathon, not a sprint, and that many people would die, but that continuing with a mostly normal life would get the country to herd immunity relatively quickly while maintaining economic stability.

And it turns out, Sweden had it right. After months of condemnations by the world community for not shutting down, Sweden’s coronavirus death rate is nearly zero.

2020_08 12 MASKS abortion

2020: Vote Republican in November – Now that we know that the Swedes called it, there is nothing but fear-mongering to support Democrats’ continuing with shelter in place, mandatory masks, closed schools, threats of mass vaccinations, etc.


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