Healing Words

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I just read a Walk Away story in which the lady mentioned, “I am a volunteer and advocate against the sexual exploitation, abuse, and trafficking of children.”

I quoted it in the comments and added “THANK YOU for your service. A Survivor

The lady responded:

Chrissy, If you don’t already know… what happened to you does not define you. You are and have always been a priceless, irreplaceable, precious and strong fiber woven into the fabric of a beautiful story of triumph that not only represents America, but even more importantly, you are woven into the fabric of the Gospel, telling the good news of what the power of God can do for the world through just one person.

He took the trauma that the enemy gave you, and God molded you into a masterpiece for the world to see. You are His living work of art. You are the truth and you are a testimony of God’s miracles. Don’t ever forget that.

When we are victimized and abused by others, God does not forsake us or abandon us in our suffering. He is always there.

“Your story is a lighthouse on a hill for more people than you’ll ever know. I am so grateful for you. God bless you always.”

And people say nothing good ever happens on the internet.

I need a tissue.

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  1. We are elders of the great american nation. Your sharing of this woman’s strong witness, fortifies in each of us the strength we have found in The Holy. Thank You.
    bluebird of bitterness shared today a beautiful choral setting of a poem which speaks with quiet dignity the final steps of a humanly long life. Again, we live giving witness to the provision and strength we shew forth from our walk with The Holy.
    We have that quiet strength to share with our agonized young nation. After all, we know God does not abandon His own.

    Peace and good will to all who can receive, hear, see. Amen

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