These lives matter too

I googled “elderly woman attacked”, looking for a video about the Portland woman who was attacked while trying to put out a fire.

What I got was so appalling that I am posting the links here in a separate blog. There are a LOT more of these, but I decided to limit this post to just the ones I saw that are from the past few months.

I probably could have found more, but frankly, I just couldn’t deal with looking at another one.

The Left wants to DEFUND police. In New York, thugs are released without bail. In Minneapolis, they’re actually telling people to expect to be attacked and to just do whatever the criminals tell them to do.

MINNEAPOLIS: [1:00] – During a BLM riot, a white woman in a wheelchair was assaulted, beaten on the head, and sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher.

PORTLAND: [2:17] – A White woman was punched in the face by a Black man.

PORTLAND: [2:19] – An ANTIFA thug chased down a White man, knocked him to the ground, then kicked him in the face, knocking out at least two teeth.

LANCASTER: [1:53] – Two Blacks attacked an 82-year old Hispanic man, breaking his jaw and ribs.

ATLANTA: [1:34] – A gang jumped a White man and beat him unconscious.

NEW YORK CITY: [1:55] – A Black man with a rap sheet a mile long casually punched an elderly white woman and knocked her to the ground, then kept on walking.

NEW YORK CITY: [1:41] – Two Black men slapped an 89-year old woman in the face, then set her shirt on fire.

NEW YORK CITY: [1:47] – A 70 year old Hispanic woman who needs a cane to walk was assaulted by a young Black woman, knocked her down, then beat her with the cane and tried to steal her shoes.

NEW YORK CITY: [:23] – A young Black man attacked an elderly White man, knocking him down and stealing his backpack.

NEW YORK CITY: [:25] – A Black man punched a 73-year old woman in the face and knocked her to the ground.

NEW YORK CITY: [1:40] – A young Black woman assaulted a 73-year-old White woman

NEW YORK CITY: [1:16] – A Black man assaulted a 64-year old White woman, knocked her to the ground, choked her, then took her purse and casually strolled away.

NEW YORK CITY: [:23] – Two Black men assaulted an 83-year old White man in an elevator, punched him in the head, knocked him to the ground, held a gun to his head, then stole his wallet.

NEW YORK CITY: [:55] – Four Black men violently assaulted a White couple who were trying to defend their store.

NEW YORK CITY: [2:29] – A young Black man leaned into a stroller and slashed a 2-year-old White boy in face with a sharp object.

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