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2020_08 05 Lewis

2020_08 05 vote in person

PETITION: If you do NOT support all mail-in voting, tell your reps. (It’s very easy.)

BLM: Excellent interview [20:24] – Raymond Arroyo and Candace Owen discuss the non-existence of systemic racism in the U.S., where actual racism exists in our nation, and the absurdity and dishonesty of BLM and its supporters.

BLM: Where does the money go? [10:19] – Donations to BLM go directly to a group called Act Blue, which primarily gives the money to liberal white Democrats.

2020_08 05 BLM money

VETERANS: [:55] – Under Obama, I remember a lot of scandal and outrage about the terrible conditions at some of our VA facilities (thankfully, not the ones my kids were using). But I never saw any substantive change happen, maybe because Barack never did and never will care about our military members. But Trump always has and always will. And, because of his efforts, the VA swamp has finally been drained.

2020: [:53] – CNN is loathe to be even-handed in its coverage of Donald Trump, so its recent article about so-called Obama-Trump voters is doubly meaningful.

  1. These people voted for Obama and then Trump; they say now they would choose trump over Obama in a hypothetical match-up.
  2. They think a businessman is best suited to turn the country around economically.
  3. They feel COVID-19 was not Trump’s fault, and he’s doing the best he can to contain it.
  4. They see the violence and put the blame squarely on the left.
  5. They oppose immigration and trade policies that favor foreigners more than Americans.
  6. After seeing too many politicians fold to special interests, they like that Trump is a non-politician who relentlessly fights for what’s best for most.
  7. Most of them can’t name anything that Biden has achieved in almost 50 years in politics.
  8. Many believe he has dementia and would be a puppet if elected.

2020_08 05 bongino biden decline

BIDEN: From Bonchie at Red State – “Nothing has saved [Biden’s] presidential run more than coronavirus, which has provided a built in excuse to stay out of normal situations candidates usually face.

Can you imagine what Biden would be like if he were expected to actually get out every day and campaign? It wouldn’t be pretty.

2020_08 05 after storm

GRAMMY NOTES: Some poor folks got a hurricane. We just got a whole LOTTA rain and some fun puddles to jump in.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: In 2006, Tucker Carlson was on Dancing with the Stars. He was voted off the show after one performance. It’s pretty clear that Tucker’s daughter shouldn’t make any elaborate plans for a father-daughter dance at her wedding reception. But he had fun. LOL

COVID PARODY: [2:12] – This Alabama principal has a wonderful sense of humor! (And he can dance.)

2020_08 05 COVID vacay

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