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2020_08 04 Heaven and Earth meet

PORTLAND, OREGON: [4:37] – Pro-Marxist protesters have burned the Federal courthouse, Bibles, American flags, and a Trump flag.

This is how they “fill the world with love and kill off the hate.”

2020_08 04 Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA: In the face of escalating crime, the city government is encouraging citizens to expect to be robbed and to be compliant little victims.

They say, “You safety is most important,” but apparently that does not include anyone being safe from being robbed, because there’s, you know, adequate policing.

2020_08 04 Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY: BLM thugs have issued mafia-like demands to dozens of businesses in Louisville, Kentucky, saying that if businesses don’t comply, they may be “f*cked with.”

  1. Adequately represent the Black population of Louisville by having a minimum of 23% Black staff.
  2. Purchase a minimum of 23% inventory from Black retailers or make a recurring monthly donation of 1.5% of net sales to a local Black nonprofit or organization.
  3. Require diversity and inclusion training for all staff members on a bi-annual basis.
  4. Display a visible sign that increases awareness and shows support for the reparations movement.

Some businesses have caved, but at least one Cuban-owned restaurant is fighting back, with support from the Cuban community.

2020_08 04 Long Island

LONG ISLAND: From Fuzzy Slippers at Legal Insurrection – A Long Island pizza shop owner proudly displays an American flag at the front of his store and a Trump flag toward the back. A random Karen was violently pummeled in the eyeballs by the horrendous sight of the Trump flag, her shriveled little soul similarly assaulted and “offended,” she shrilly—I imagine, it could have been “self-righteously” or “indignantly” or whatever—declared that she would use her Facebook platform to run the pizzeria out of business.

Presumably, only the destruction of this business would be “justice” for the pain and horror inflicted upon this sad, tiny little person who somehow cannot bear the sight of a flag honoring the duly-elected president of these United States.

But a funny thing happened on the way to her plans to throw this owner and all of his employees into poverty and social ostracism. The community refused her call to boycott the establishment, and in fact, turned up in droves to show support not just for the pizza shop but for the president.

2020_08 04 angry tweet

ALABAMA: In a refreshing change of pace, a university lecturer is in hot water for supporting the anti-police narrative.

One of his tweets said, “F*ck every single cop. Every single one. The only ethical choice for any cop to make at this point is to refuse to do their job and quit. The police do not protect people. They protect capital. They are instruments of violence on behalf of capital.

His employers at Auburn University say his comments “are inexcusable and completely antithetical to the Auburn Creed. Higher education is built upon the premise of the free expression of ideas and academic dialogue, but Auburn has not and will never support views that exclude or disrespect others, including hateful speech that degrades law enforcement professionals.

They are assessing his employment, which is in a temporary, non-tenure-track position.

2020_08 04 boston

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: Remember the elite Boston Transit SWAT team that was widely celebrated for bringing the Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, to justice?

It has just been disbanded.

ILLINOIS: [:44] – A Dunkin’ Donuts employee has been arrested after an Illinois State Trooper discovered a “thick piece of mucus” in his drink. The bodily fluid was “later confirmed to be saliva.”

2020_08 04 WASHINGTON

WASHINGTON, D.C.: On Saturday, the police arrested two people for chalking “Preborn Black Lives Matter” on the road in front of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

Between late May and the end of July, D.C. police arrested only four people for defacing private/public property during protests and riots.

2020_08 04 clinton

EPSTEIN: A source who visited Epstein’s mansion said this painting “was hanging up there prominently — as soon as you walked in — in a room to the right. Everybody who saw it laughed and smirked.

The blue dress is similar to the semen-stained one Monica Lewinsky famously wore during one of Bill’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” White House hookups.

2020_08 04 WHAT THE

WHAT THE … ?! CLICK [3:47] to hear MSNBC report on a story published by The New York Times that connects Bill Gates with Jeffrey Epstein. Huh? MSNBC? The New York Times?

Rest assured these two slime sources have not suddenly had their Come To Jesus moments. More likely, they are working on behalf of powerful people on the Left who are more than happy to throw other powerful people on the Left under the bus.

2020_08 04 ticktok

CHINA: There is bipartisan support for shutting TikTok down in the U.S. because it and other Chinese software companies are feeding data directly to the Chinese Communist Party.

2020_08 04 ABORTION someone else

ABORTION: The Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulates all health care services in England. They think women and girls should continue to be able to buy abortion pills by mail.

They admit that, since they started doing this in March, two women have died, one baby is suspected of having been murdered after being born alive, and multiple women have been hospitalized with serious health complications, including significant pain, major bleeding, ruptured ectopics, and delivery of infants who are up to 30 weeks gestation.

The pills are only supposed to be used up to the 10th week of pregnancy.

But the CQC feels that these incidents, while “tragic” are a very small number of the approximately 16,000 women who received, and presumably took, these pills without any medical supervision.

2020_08 04 guardian angel

CATHOLIC: Generally, the Catholic Church discourages the practice of naming guardian angels. Msgr. Charles Pope notes that, “Assigning a name indicates some superiority over the one named. Thus in the case of children, parents, who are superior over their children, rightly name them. However, in the case of angels, they are superior to us. And, even though we often speak of them as serving us, they do this on account of their superior power and as guardians.”

BLAST FROM THE PAST: [3:06] – Enjoy this cartoon from May 2019.

2020_08 04 hot cuppa

PIPING HOT CUPPA JOE: This is a real, adult coloring book. And here are some real reviews of it from Amazon:

  1. The quality of the wrinkle lines and the extra detail on the leg hair in the pool really sells the book. Although the scratch and sniff pages in the back probably aren’t the best idea.
  2. Enjoying the pictures of the Dementia Candidate, AKA Creepy Joe. The Artist presents heroic and harmless pictures of the former VP which is the opposite of reality. So they are good for a laugh.
  3. I have to kennel the book every night lest it grope or sniff my wife and daughter. Book was also caught trying to bribe a local oil company and inappropriately influence a county prosecutor and has since been banned from the local county courthouse.

2020_08 04 cat lecture

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