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2020_08 03 Soul so precious

2020_08 03 sports

SPORTS: Jonathan Isaac refused to kneel for the national anthem or wear a Black Lives Matter T-shirt over his jersey. Isaac, an ordained minister, said, “Black lives are supported through the Gospel. All lives are supported through the Gospel.”

His coach and teammates said there was no pressure on him. “It’s his choice.”

2020_08 03 racism

COLONEL WEST: This is worth your time – CLICK [18:00] to hear him speak truth to liberals.

2020_08 03 wall of moms

LEFTISTS EAT THEIR OWN: Last week, a “wall of moms” made a barrier around the rioters in Portland, to protect them from law enforcement.

Now the rioters want those moms to butt out, because they’re too white.

2020_08 03 BLACKS Clinton Obama Trump

YOU AIN’T BLACK: CLICK [4:15] to hear Terence K. Williams who is “all blackety black” play and spew about a white liberal who spewed at a black woman, “You ain’t black. I’m more black than you are,” because she doesn’t support BLM.

2020_08 03 I support reparations

SJW APOLOGY COMPILATION: CLICK [4:38] if you can stand it. I’ve tried twice, couldn’t get past Chris Cuomo.

2020_08 03 epstein

EPSTEIN: Newly unsealed documents include the 2015 deposition of Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking victims, as well as correspondence between Epstein and Maxwell from 2015.

Some of the documents appear to implicate several predominant figures, including former President Bill Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore, Britain’s Prince Andrew, Harvard law professor and well-known defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, model and TV host Heidi Klum, and The Simpsons creator Matt Groening.

2020_08 03 woke

WALK AWAY: This is the first I’ve heard of Epstein being the “straw” that did it for someone – “I call myself a recovering liberal….so much to deprogram and unlearn. I have always questioned things but didn’t do my own digging until December of last year when Epstein was suicided. Since then, I’ve gone down several rabbit holes and am just blown away at how much we’ve been lied to.

Was suicided” … great way to put that!

SAN FRANCISCO: [6:45] – A close up look at the horrors of Nancy Pelosi’s all-Democrat, all the time district.

2020_08 03 NOSES jackson pelosi

NOSES: I often wonder if Nancy Pelosi went to Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon and asked for this or if maybe that whole Pinocchio thing isn’t as big of a fairy tale as we have been led to believe.

2020_08 03 DOG looming

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