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2020_08 03 Soul so precious

2020_08 03 sports

SPORTS: Jonathan Isaac refused to kneel for the national anthem or wear a Black Lives Matter T-shirt over his jersey. Isaac, an ordained minister, said, “Black lives are supported through the Gospel. All lives are supported through the Gospel.”

His coach and teammates said there was no pressure on him. “It’s his choice.”

2020_08 03 racism

COLONEL WEST: This is worth your time – CLICK [18:00] to hear him speak truth to liberals.

2020_08 03 wall of moms

LEFTISTS EAT THEIR OWN: Last week, a “wall of moms” made a barrier around the rioters in Portland, to protect them from law enforcement.

Now the rioters want those moms to butt out, because they’re too white.

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