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FAIR and BALANCED: CLICK [3:25] to hear Kayleigh McEnany give the media copious praise for its reporting on the dangers of universal mail in voting and the appalling censorship and bias practiced by social media platforms.

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COVID-19: The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) is suing the FDA for not allowing the use of hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus.

HCQ was FDA approved in 1955 and has been taken safely by hundreds of millions of people.

In some countries in Central America, officials are going door to door to distribute HCQ.

Poor countries that allow free use of HCQ have far lower death rates than rich countries that hinder it.

Today there are over 5 global studies that support the doctor’s findings that HCQ is a cheap and very effective treatment for coronavirus.

Dr. Raoult was correct in his findings, yet the opposition to him was so intense, he even received death threats.

High government officials who are determining federal policy insist in private that doctors have the legal authority to prescribe HCQ or other FDA-approved drugs for “off-label” uses.

So why does the FDA and the Left Stream insist on demonizing it and even threatening doctors, hospitals, and pharmacists that want to use it here in the U.S.?

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