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2020_07 30 Mo Angelica choke

PRAGER U: [5:01] – It all started with knitting. Psychologist and author Karlyn Borysenko attended Democrat rally, then just two days later, attended a Trump rally in the exact same arena. Her experience mirrors what Dearest says about local political meetings.

2020_07 30 drugs

DRUGS: Trump has taken action to move drug production back to the U.S.

2020_07 29 Covid FL vs NY

LOCKDOWN: Florida, under Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, took a very different approach to mitigating the coronavirus than did New York, under Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The media would like us to believe that Cuomo saved us all, while DeSantis couldn’t keep up with the dead bodies. The stats show a very different story.

N.b., I collected these data myself at the links listed below.

2020_07 30 kids

LOCKDOWN: Experts recently prepared a report for the United Nations showing that harsh lockdowns disproportionately affect the poor. They concluded that the number of lives saved by the lockdowns will be greatly overshadowed by the damage done.

They estimate that the number of abject poor will double by the end of the year and that between 111,193 to 178,510 children younger than 5 years old will die from starvation with another 550,000 suffering from “wasting” which manifests itself with spindly limbs and a protruding stomach.

Meanwhile, the CDC reports that deaths from suicides and drug overdoses currently exceed deaths due to the COVID-19 virus.

While not explicitly linking those deaths to state lockdowns and school closures, the social nature of human beings strongly suggests that the mental and emotional health risks of prolonged isolation are at least as, if not more, dangerous than the coronavirus itself.

2020_05 28 hydroxy

COVID-19: An analysis of hospitalized coronavirus patients in Michigan showed hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) decreased the death rate.

The study analyzed 2,541 patients hospitalized in six hospitals between March 10 and May 2. Of those who were not treated with HCQ, 26% DIED. Of those treated with HCQ, only 13% died. of those treated with hydroxychloroquine died.

The people who have been systemically demonizing HCQ have thousands and thousands of deaths on their souls. Anti-Trumpers jumped on the bandwagon, because Trump said that HCQ showed great promise. He later took it himself for two weeks.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that Big Pharma was behind some of the demonization as well. On May 1, the FDA authorized emergency use of a new antiviral called Remdesivir for hospitalized COVID-19 patients. It costs $1,000 per dose. Hydroxychloroquine costs 60 cents per dose.

2020_07 30 media

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: “There was a group of doctors yesterday, a large group that were put on the Internet, and for some reason, the Internet wanted to take them down and took them off.” – President Trump, July 28, 2020

BARR’S TESTIMONY: [7:29] – Now the fools in the majority in the House want to impeach Trump’s Attorney General. ::eyeroll::

2020_07 30 barr

CLICK [1:38] to hear a mash-up of how atrociously Democrats treated Attorney General Barr during Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing.

Almost every Democrat played from the same playbook, starting with Chairman Jerry Nadler, who told Barr he should be ashamed of himself. One after the other, they heaped scorn on the attorney general in a build up to some question that they refused to allow Barr to answer. …

Note that there was not one successful line of questioning that left Barr with no good answers. Had such a moment occurred, not only would it have been newsworthy, it would have been plastered on every screen in the country. That would have been gold. But the Democrats knew there was no gold to be mined here, so instead they threw yellow paint on a pile of something else and the media ate it up with relish.

The United States is very lucky to have William Barr as the attorney general. There may be no more essential person in the government at the moment. Time and again, he applies the law and only the law to his sound decisions. For this, he is rewarded with media scorn and threats of impeachment. But Barr isn’t on the ropes. He remains in the center of the ring, impervious, throwing his punches.” – David Marcus, The Federalist

2020_07 30 portland

PORTLAND: Three federal officers in Portland may not recover their vision after rioters shined lasers in their eyes and threw glass bottles and fireworks at them.

Federal Protective Service (FPS) has purchased anti-laser glasses that federal officers are now wearing to prevent eye injuries.

SEATTLE: [4:32] – Seattle police union leader sounds off about the city council’s plan to cut the force by 50%. It will turn Seattle into “a lawless wasteland.”

2020_07 30 shut up

SHUT UP: Michael Shellenberger is a Time Magazine “Hero of the Environment,” and president of Environmental Progress, an independent research and policy organization.

On July 29, he attempted to give his expert testimony to a special House Committee hearing about a Democratic proposal similar to the one proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, which would spend $2 trillion over four years on renewables and other climate programs.

Between 2002 and 2009, he advocated for a Democratic energy proposal very similar to the one Biden is touting in his campaign. However, his research has led him to change his position since then, which Democrats are not interested in hearing.

Late in the hearing, Democrats used the whole of their allotted time to slander him. When a Republican asked the chair to let Shellenberger respond, she refused and abruptly ended the hearing.

Schellenberger’s latest book is called Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All. In it he argues that, while climate change is real, it’s not only not the end of the world, it is not even our most serious environmental problem.

2020_07 30 hypocrisy

HYPOCRISY: As the chief media cheerleader for the chaos unfolding across the nation, The New York Slime routinely eviscerates America’s heroes, its culture and, through the paper’s 1619 Project, its founding.

Yet it has never applied its own cancel culture standards to itself.

2020_07 30 Racism If a White Person

RACISM: There was a good episode about this on Seventh Heaven. A black teen snarled at a white teen, “You’re always so nervous around me! It’s obvious you’re a racist!”

The white teen said, “I’m always nervous around you because you’re always so angry, I never know when you’re going to go off on me!

2020_07 30 white fragility

WHITE FRAGILITY: From Wikipedia’s article about this book – “The book received a surge of negative reviews after the George Floyd protests. In The Federalist, Jesse Lile argued that the DiAngelo’s concept of white fragility places white people in a double bind, first enjoining them to engage in a conversation on racism, then treating any active engagement on their part as an exercise of white privilege, and finally labeling them as fragile when they object to their ideas being dismissed on the basis of their skin color. Journalist and author, Matt Taibbi, strongly criticized the book as having a corporate vision of racism, labeling the book pseudo-intellectual horseshit that is likely to have pernicious effects for race relations.”

2020_07 30 inside the fridge

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