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2020_07 28 Lord

TRUMP: Worth watching [29:00] – A relaxed and fun interview with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy.

2020_07 28 Portland

RIOTS: CLICK [:35] to hear Jerry Nadler declare that the ANTIFA riots in Portland are a “myth that’s being spread only in DC.”

Portland Police says they’re riots. The videos and photos and not-sold-out-to-Democrat news organs say they’re riots.

But Jerry Nadler and the Slime Stream Media say they’re peaceful. So all Democrats, be sure to close your eyes, plug your ears, and shout “FAKE NEWS” very loudly at anybody who tries to tell you otherwise.

Meanwhile, violent agitators torched the courthouses in Aurora, Colorado, and Oakland, California, over the weekend. In Aurora, the fire caused major damage to the courthouse and courtyard. In Oakland, agitators broke windows and fireworks and dangerous projectiles at officers.

2020_07 28 walk away

WALK AWAY: I just read this on Facebook. I want to cry. N.b., I did edit this a bit (for length only), but nowhere in the original could I make out what city she was talking about. I picked the graphic above because it had a cop car in it. 

I will never forget the night I became a republican. May 30th 2020. I watched my husband take ‘the good Kevlar’ out of one vest and put it into another. He left the house in BDUs and our 5 year old was confused because daddy doesn’t normally wear all that tactical stuff. He’s a violent crimes detective so normally he’s business casual.

But that afternoon was different. He got called in to work the planned protests. He was posted at the station, thank god. I was glued to the FB live feed from our local news station to make sure it continued to be a peaceful protest. As it got dark, he texted that they gave him a helmet and he was heading down. I burnt the kids Mac and cheese because I was a wreck. I managed to get them fed, bathed and to bed. I came downstairs heading right for the remote to turn on the 9pm news and my sister called me. …

She has me get on Snapchat’s geo heat map where I could see all of the snaps of the people rioting. Cars on fire. Everyone chanting ‘fuck 12’. Just total carnage. People posting snaps with pride. It was at our mall. …

I turn on the news, switching between stations, and they keep playing the footage from the 4pm peaceful protest. GTFO! How are they not showing people what is actually happening. Snapchat looks like the purge and they just aren’t even scratching the surface. I’m enraged and …. I’m trembling since I’m close enough to hear the gun shots. …

Dozens of police cars were destroyed, they were shot at, bricks thrown at them, a car drove into a store front. I could not believe what I was hearing. I couldn’t believe this was America.

The news the next day ran with the police starting the fight with tear gas. Which ended up being a false rumor. I go on social and my whole news feed is anti police everything. People making the “more mad about property” argument- as if my husband is property. Thank goodness our city’s chief and mayor put their foot down and set the record straight. The violence was 100% started by the public.

The new stations never showed any of the Snapchat footage I sent them or anything close to it. They kept showing a crack in the target window over and over.

2020_07 28 covid

COVID-19: In late April and early May, the Slime Stream Media accused “Reopen” protesters of being threats to public health. But after George Floyd died, all that media outrage and public health concern evaporated as these same outlets praised “Defund the police” protesters.

In similar hypocritical fashion, the slimers are harping only on the rise in the number of cases in Republican states, condemning them for allegedly reopening too soon. But spikes occurring in the Democrat-run cities that have been hotbeds of social unrest, protests, and Antifa-style anarchy for weeks now … crickets.

2020_07 28 RACE Clarence Thomas quot

BLACK LIVES MATTER: CLICK [3:03] to hear a black cop talk about the BLM protesters/riots.

2020_08 28 Trump isn't a racist

WALK AWAY: I love these stories – CLICK [3:06] to hear a black Hillary voter explain why he now supports Trump.

2020_07 28 abortion

ABORTION: Just because it’s legal does not mean it’s safe.

2020_07 28 hawley

ROE vs. WADE: Sen. Josh Hawley told The Washington Post, “I will vote only for those Supreme Court nominees who have explicitly acknowledged that Roe v. Wade is wrongly decided. By explicitly acknowledged, I mean on the record and before they were nominated.

“I don’t want private assurances from candidates. I don’t want to hear about their personal views, one way or another. I’m not looking for forecasts about how they may vote in the future or predictions. I don’t want any of that. I want to see on the record, as part of their record, that they have acknowledged in some forum that Roe v. Wade, as a legal matter, is wrongly decided.”

The junior senator from Missouri is a member of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, through which any of President Donald Trump’s potential future nominees to the Supreme Court must pass before being brought to the floor for a vote.

2020_07 21 MofM kids

GRAMMY NOTES: This is my favorite to share from last week’s day trip to Niagara Falls. We’re super proud of Bunny for facing her fear of elevators twice to go on the Maid of the Mist ride!

2020_07 28 veggies to meat

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