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2020_07 27 The battle is the Lord's

2020_07 27 covid

COVID-19: Based on new research, the CDC has changed its guidance on self-isolation for people with mild to moderate symptoms.

They can stop isolating after just 10 days and they do not need to be tested before returning to work. They just need to be fever free for 24 hours.

COVID-19: Worth the time [34:33] – Professor Michael Levitt has been applying statistical analysis to the cases and deaths since January. He is worth listening to, because he predicted the way the infection would go out in Hubei province.

His prediction for the US epidemic will be done in 4 weeks (from July 25) with a total reported death below 170,000. It would be wonderful if he turns out to be right!

The article below goes into more detail about his reasoning and conclusions, which don’t match the popular narrative.

TRUMP ECONOMY: [3:35] – Opportunity Zones steer private investment toward low income areas across the United States.

Trump-hating Ultra Progressives AOC and Tlaib want them defunded.

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