Reality Check

One-time defenders of unsavory Clinton and Obama pardons are outraged by President Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone’s 40-month sentence for nonviolent criminal obstruction of a bogusly based and ridiculously over-prosecuted investigation.

They have short memories.

2020_07 13 clintons

Bill Clinton pardoned …

  • His own brother for felony distribution of cocaine.
  • Four people involved in the Whitewater scandal for which he and Hillary Clinton were under investigation.
  • Marc Rich, in what was a straight-up political payoff.
  • His CIA director.
  • His HUD secretary.
  • Eight people convicted in an investigation of his Agriculture Department.
  • Convicted terrorists, some of whom hadn’t even asked for clemency.

2020_07 13 reality check

President Obama pardoned …

  • Oscar Lopez Rivera, the defiantly unrepentant FALN leader.
  • A U.S. soldier who passed top-secret information to WikiLeaks.
  • His former Joint Chiefs of Staff vice chairman.
  • Hundreds of drug offenders.

2020_07 13 obama

Obama’s administration perverted the course of justice by

  • Ensuring Hillary Clinton did not get indicted.
  • Dropping a slam dunk case the New Black Panther Party because the defendants were all black.
  • Obstructing the Fast and Furious investigation for which Obama’s attorney general was held in contempt of Congress.
  • Ignoring his CIA director’s spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee.
  • Turning a blind eye to abuses of power at the IRS.

N.b., I have used “pardoned” to cover both pardons and commutations. There is an important legal distinction between them, but belaboring it did not contribute to my point, so I went with simplicity.

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