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SICK DAYS: My illness has flared up. I may (or may not) be over the worst of it. If you are unsatisfied with the irregularity of service, please notify us and we will gladly refund your subscription. 😉

2020_07 11 I am returning

THE DEATH OF COMEDY: I have long thought that Leftists suffer from no sense of humor. Maybe it’s due to the lack of hope and peace that faith in God gives. Certainly, it’s aggressively encouraged by the Progs and Marxists, who want everyone to be miserable.

SENATOR JENSEN, M.D.: July 6, 2020 [13:43] – This long-time physician and short-term U.S. Senator fires back at the anonymous people who have incited the Minnesota Medical Board to investigate him for making a video about COVID-19.

Dr. Senator Jensen is a Republican. His “crime” was “spreading mis-information” – i.e, telling the truth.

2020_07 11 Sheeple v Brave Patriot

WALK AWAY: I see this sentiment expressed so often on the WalkAway Facebook page – “I used to cringe at Trump so badly. SO badly. I would see the headlines on Mainstream media and think, wow what a total imbecile.

Then when Covid19 hit I ACTUALLY began watching his press releases. (not just the mainstream media cliff note version like most people do). I couldn’t believe how much they manipulate what he says.

It’s total insanity. It’s not news anymore. It’s total propaganda. It then really made me begin questioning the entire narrative.”

2020_07 09 little sisters

LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR: Victory. Again. – The US Supreme Court ruled 7-2 Wednesday in a decision siding with the Little Sisters of the Poor and their bid to stop being forced to distribute abortifacient and contraceptive drugs to their employees.

COLONEL WEST: [6:58] – The NAACP and BLM were both founded by avowed members of the far left. West suggests that they want to destroy history, because the real history of these groups proves they don’t care about the black community.

2020_07 09 BLM Bishop Daly

BLM: Some of America’s largest corporations have pledged or donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the main Black Lives Matter organization, founded by “trained Marxists,” that calls for replacing the nuclear family with a “village.”

2020_07 09 shaun king

SHAUN KING: Since white actors are no longer allowed to portray or voice black characters, how about we cancel this fake black man and the entire cast of Hamilton?

2020_07 09 university campus

UNIVERSITY INSANITY: CLICK [7:24] to hear Matt Walsh talk about the absurd response to a TWEET by snowflakes and their marshmallow university administrators. Some guy with a twisted sense of humor tweeted, “Congratulations to George Floyd for being drug free for 30 days.”

A week later, students were still saying they were so traumatized that they couldn’t do their work and were scared to return to campus. His conclusion is that they all need counseling, not because of the tweet, but because they clearly have something deeply wrong with them.

This is the generation that was shovel-fed “We’re all gonna die CLIMATE CHANGE” from grade school. It’s no wonder they’re neurotic and paranoid!

CLICK [1:00] to see what the Left’s corrupt changes to our school curricula have wrought.

2020_07 11 homeschool

HOMESCHOOLING: So many North Carolina parents attempted to file their intent to establish a home school that the site crashed.

2020_07 09 Mary in the lilies

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama’s “Mary in the Lilies” pot is doing well. The flowers are gorgeous, but what amuses me most about this photo is that, from this angle, Mary looks like she’s on the phone!

2020_07 09 baby vacuuming

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