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SICK DAYS: My illness has flared up. I may (or may not) be over the worst of it. If you are unsatisfied with the irregularity of service, please notify us and we will gladly refund your subscription. 😉

2020_07 11 I am returning

THE DEATH OF COMEDY: I have long thought that Leftists suffer from no sense of humor. Maybe it’s due to the lack of hope and peace that faith in God gives. Certainly, it’s aggressively encouraged by the Progs and Marxists, who want everyone to be miserable.

SENATOR JENSEN, M.D.: July 6, 2020 [13:43] – This long-time physician and short-term U.S. Senator fires back at the anonymous people who have incited the Minnesota Medical Board to investigate him for making a video about COVID-19.

Dr. Senator Jensen is a Republican. His “crime” was “spreading mis-information” – i.e, telling the truth.

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