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COVID-19: [3:46] – Two new studies show the human race is approaching herd immunity to the new virus.

The Slime Stream Media continues to hype the crisis while suppressing the increasing number of full recoveries and the decreasing death rate.

Dr. Fauci is pounding the Democrats’ drum.

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STATUES: CLICK [5:44] to hear Trump announce his plan to build “The National Garden of American Heroes.”

Newton Falls, Ohio, has declared itself a statuary sanctuary city and announced it will accept and display statues other cities don’t want.

Maybe they can start with the statue of Christopher Columbus that rioters in Baltimore, Maryland, pulled down and tossed into the harbor.

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BIDEN: CLICK [6:10] to hear Michael Knowles explain Krapernick’s ugly opinions and link them to Joe Biden.

2020_07 07 Defend the Police

BLUE LINE: On June 15, New York disbanded its anti-crime unit of plainclothes cops.

Since then, gun violence has more than doubled.

CHOPPING CASH FOR CHAZ: [2:40] – Congress is considering a bill to withhold (“chop”) federal funds from any municipality that allows an autonomous zone (“chaz”) to exist for more than 7 days.

2020_07 07 cancel culture

CANCEL CULTURE: A female student has been expelled from an allegedly Christian college in Texas after she posted several videos about Black Lives Matter.

The gist of the student’s “wrongthinking” videos apparently was that the Black Lives Matter organization and movement are inherently racist.

Do black lives matter? Yes, of course. Do white lives matter? Yes, of course. But I’m not gonna sit here and put each one in a group saying this race matters.

The president “justified” expelling her on the grounds that, because Jesus loves everybody, “We do not want to condone behavior that questions people’s worth, their value, their dignity, or their equality.

2020_07 07 society

WALK AWAY: CLICK [6:34] to hear a black man talk about how he discovered the truth about the Democrat Party. He now supports Trump’s policies.

CATHOLIC: [3:22] – Where did the American idea of religious liberty come from?

2020_07 07 obstacle course

GRAMMY NOTES: The Mascots were really hyper, so Mama Buzz built an obstacle course. Jump on the trampoline, bounce from the tramp to the couch, jump off the couch and grab a clothespin off the chair. Take it through the tunnel and clip it to the bowl. Repeat as often as necessary! LOL

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