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Happy 4th of July!

2020_07 04 Happy 4th

PSST: This is Mama Buzz’s creation.

2020_07 04 fy

TERRENCE WILLIAMS: CLICK [4:33] to hear him talk about leaving the color out of the Fourth of July and celebrating our independence every single day.

He makes a good point about being free to LEAVE, which is something that Communist countries do not allow.

2020_07 04 adams

2020_07 04 we are everybody

ATTN: Mindful – I made this meme. ;o)

2020_07 04 becoming american

GRAMMY NOTES: My brother once ran a Japanese-owned hotel in the US. He said his #1 problem with his Japanese employees was suicide. Any Japanese who has lived outside Japan comes back to the lifelong taint of being an “outsider.

The corporation that owned the hotel didn’t care much about employee morale. They just sent over who they wanted, without providing for them to bring their families. A lot of them couldn’t handle it.


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