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2020_07 02 Lives Matter

CHRIST MATTERS: CLICK [3:58] to hear a powerful message about how Jesus IS the answer. “It’s not who you are. It’s whose you are.”

2020_07 02 Biden v Trump voters

TRUMP ECONOMY: We’re bouncing back, just as he said we would.

Pending home sales had only been expected to increase by 15% from April to May; they jumped 44.3%.

The average rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage started May around 3.20%; by the start of June it was falling below 3%.

2020_07 02 Left Wing Fireworks

BLACK VOTE: Bill Schanefelt writes at American Thinker that the long-time Democrat civil rights attorney, Leo Terrell, has switched sides. His complaints echo those I see repeated multiple times per day in new WalkAway stories.

If the Democrats have lost Leo Terrell, they’ve lost black Americans, to say nothing of the rest of civilized America!” – Bill Schanefelt

2020_07 02 joe biden basement

2020: On Tuesday, Biden gave a rare public speech followed by a disastrous press conference, during which he forgot the name of his hometown newspaper, confused the Jefferson Memorial with the Lincoln Memorial, tried to correct himself, but then confused them again.

He also admitted he had been given a list of approved reporters to call on for questions and announced he will not be holding campaign rallies.

WOKE TYRANNY: [6:55] – Allen West compares Obama’s support for the Marxist Progressive Left represented by Black Lives Matters and the Patriotic Conservative Right represented by the TEA Party.

CLICK [3:22] to see a very feisty black woman say why she supports Donald J. Trump. She’s funny AND makes great points.

2020_07 02 Wait until we get involved

THE TIME IS NOW: Click the link to read Gen. Michael Flynn’s article, “If We Don’t Act, 2% of the People Are About To Control the Other 98%.”

CLICK [4:00] to see one group of patriots who got involved defend a statue of Teddy Roosevelt.

BLACK LIVES MATTER: [3:38] – The organization is anti-capitalist, anti-family, and Marxist. It’s goal is to destroy our great nation.

2020_07 02 burning

MEDIA BIAS: The president and the Trump administration have repeatedly accused internet companies of exceeding their role as online platforms by stifling and censoring user viewpoints that it does not agree with, in particular, conservative viewpoints. The latest examples:

Twitch, Amazon’s live-streaming site, put President Donald Trump’s channel on a time out until he removes content identified as hate speech.

Reddit has banned a subreddit devoted to supporting President Donald Trump, again because of alleged hate speech.

2A: [3:09] – A mob swarmed on to private property. The homeowners brandished their firearms and convinced them to leave.

The local liberals want to destroy them for sticking up for themselves on their own property.

2020_07 02 NYC

NEW YORK CITY: Despite a surge in violent crimes, New York City Mayor and Democrat Bill de Blasio says he’s excited about his plan to cut $1 billion from the police budget.

CHINA: [1:50] – The Chinese government is encouraging the country’s Han majority to have more children while using abortion, sterilization, and IUDs to reduce the birth rates of the Uighurs and other Muslim minorities.

Some experts are calling a form of “demographic genocide.” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said: “We call on the Chinese Communist Party to immediately end these horrific practices.”

2020_06 30 fan blades

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama took the fan apart and invited the kids to decorate the blades. 🙂

2020_07 02 save our statues

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  1. Shared many links – so thank you for providing all this good information.

    Leo Terrell – no wonder Dems… are in melt-down-tantrum-mode.

    Learning of Thomas Raymond Zimmer, “The Pieta Prayer Book” – and the concelebrated mass – food for the soul. Seems I heard of that Vatican memorial brick sometime in the past… Love to ponder the greatness of God.

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