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2020_06 29 God breaks hearts

2020: Brandon Straka, the founder of WalkAway, says that the riots and the Democrats’ insane response to them is driving people into Trump’s camp by the tens of thousands. And I do mean tens of thousands.

In the past few weeks, the WalkAway Facebook group has had more than 30,000 new member requests! With so much new traffic, they’re going to have to bring on more moderators.

2020_06 29 Trump Reagan

TRUMP: CLICK [1:13] to hear a much younger Donald Trump saying the same things he says now. He’s amazingly consistent … same hair, same clothes, same beliefs.

And all those hypocritical Leftists loved him … right up until the moment he announced his candidacy. Then, all of the sudden, he was the worst person on the planet.

2020_06 29 trump monuments

TRUMP: The president has signed an executive order directing Attorney General Barr and the Justice Department to prosecute anyone who “destroys, damages, vandalizes, or desecrates” statues and/or monuments, as well as “any person or any entity that participates in efforts to incite violence or other illegal activity in connection with the riots and acts of vandalism.”

The order also conditions federal aid/or grands on local and state compliance in protecting monuments, memorials, and statues.

2020_06 29 china

CHINA: Congress and the Trump administration have worked together to pass legislation that seeks to hold the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) accountable for its crimes against its Uyghur Muslim population.

The Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020 condemns the CCP for its present-day genocide of Uyghur Muslims, and gives the United States government more power to act against the CCP for its abuses.

TIP: If you want to hear about what’s really going on in China, subscribe to The Epoch Times. They cover it every day and have the most amazing undercover videos. They’re such a threat to the ChiComs that one of their printing facilities was set on fire.

BONGINO and KNOWLES: [46:25] – Dan and Michael talk about Black Lives Matters, riots, and the Left’s goal of destroying American history in the quest to destroy America itself.

Knowles makes a GREAT point about how the Left dominates the press, education, entertainment, many local and state government, and the House of Representatives. “If systemic racism exists in this country, then it’s their fault.”

2020_06 29 OK not OK

THE SPEECH POLICE: More “1984” realities hit American English –

  1. The Houston Association of Realtors will no longer use the word “master” to describe bedrooms and bathrooms on real estate listings. Instead, the term “primary” will be used in its place.
  2. The Court of Master Sommeliers, which “sets the global standard of excellence for beverage service within the hospitality industry,” will stop using the term “master sommelier.” It hasn’t announced the new name.
  3. L’Oreal, the world’s largest cosmetic and beauty company, declared it would stop using the words white/whitening, fair/fairness, and light/lightening from all its products.
  4. Unilever, the largest producer of soap in the world, said they would remove the words “whitening” or “lightening” on its products.
  5. The hygiene and personal care company will rename its Fair & Lovely skin-lightening cream products (which are sold mostly in Asia) to something that is more “inclusive.”
  6. Johnson & Johnson announced on Monday that they are pulling two skin lightening products.
  7. Princeton is removing Democratic President Woodrow Wilson’s name from its public policy school and residential college because of his racist segregation policies.

2020_06 29 media

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: CNN’S Brian “dumbest man in television” Stelter got his tighty whiteys in a wad over the president calling BLM and ANTIFA rioters “terrorists.

Dana Loesch responded, “I’m curious, have you ever objected as vociferously whenever I and other law-abiding gun owners were referred to as ‘terrorists’ on your network? We never vandalized monuments or burned down buildings.

I mean, there is a sitting congresswoman who called me and others ‘domestic security threats’ but by all means, everyone clutch your pearls if the Antifa people burning down buildings, beating people in the streets, are referred to as ‘terrorists.’”

2020_06 29 Dems on guns police

2A: CLICK [4:04] to see an armed couple defend themselves and their property from trespassing jackasses with drums, bullhorns and signs saying, “Respect us.”

N.b., after 3:00, the video repeats some of the previous footage.

S’TRUTH: [1:58] – Damani Felder ruthlessly mocks white libtard celebrities. LOLOL

DISMANTLING POLICE: [3:20] – White libtards in East Village parrot all the BLM Marxist talking points.

Black men on the streets of Harlem say abolishing the police would be “very dangerous” and “suicide.” “We need them.” “I don’t support police brutality. But I support the police.”

BLUE LIVES MATTER: CLICK [:28] to hear a police officer laugh about the “Defund the Police” protesters who requested a police presence to, you know, keep them safe.

2020_06 29 Sowell Left not voice of common man

BLACK LIVES MATTER: Of course the lives of black people matter. But we should not support the Black Lives Matters ORGANIZATION. They’re Marxists Thugs who want to destroy this country.

  1. In California on Friday, a Black Lives Matter mob marched through Beverly Hills neighborhood, chanting “Eat the rich!
  2. In Oklahoma City on Friday, the DA filed charges against five people on charges of incitement to riot charge and interfering with a police investigation.
  3. In D.C. on Friday, four men were charged in federal court with destruction of federal property.
  4. In D.C. on Saturday, Black Lives Matters activists stormed a Target demanding the business stop cooperating with police or “we will shut you down.”

2020_06 29 Smollett Wallace

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: CLICK [2:13] to hear a black preacher speak truth. “Most of our problems are self-inflicted.”

2020_06 29 all lives

GRATITUDE: In Alabama, three young ladies paid for this law officer’s meal to thank him for his service.

2019_09 12 bolton

BOLTON: CLICK to hear Richard Grenell correct the record on Swamp Critter John Bolton’s “tell all.”

He makes the excellent point that things in Bolton’s book simultaneously contain classified information while telling false stories.

2020_06 29 Trump tweets mean things

2020: Faced with a choice between a candidate they distrust due to his lack of progressive bona fides, or ushering in the second term of an incumbent they loathe, Bernie Bros are finding excuses to justify voting Biden.

One of them cited Trump’s tweet threat to step in to end the rioting. “In recent weeks, it’s become pretty clear that Trump is willing to crack down on free speech, and so it’s definitely making me lean more toward Biden now.”

Reality checkrioting is no more protected speech than is shouting “FIRE!” in a crowded theater.

2020_06 29 mailers

2020: A US Postal worker was caught on video throwing a stack of GOP congressional candidate campaign mailers in a dumpster.

This is a federal crime, something a postal worker certainly must know.

The candidate, Sheriff Troy Nehls, is running for Texas Congressional District 22.

He is a pro-Trump conservative, a church-going family man, tough on crime and tough on border security.

Democrats, tell us some more about how “safe” all-mail-in voting would be.

2020_06 29 eco

ECO ALARMISM: The following is from a book review by Charles Battig at American Thinker – Michael Shellenberger has green activist credentials going back to his high school years. Yet over the ensuing years, he has had an environmental reality epiphany. He skewers many of the claims of climate alarmists and condemns “the new environmental religion” as “apocalyptic, destructive, and self-defeating.”

2020_06 29 DOG besties

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