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2020_06 24 devil saw me

2020_06 24 Lincoln mob

TRUMP: After protesters outside of the White House defaced and tried to tear down a statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square park, President Trump said he plans to issue an executive order authorizing federal authorities to arrest anybody who vandalizes or destroys any federal monument or statue in the U.S.

I’d love to have a poll of the idiots who decided Jackson needed to go.

Question: “What political party did President Andrew Jackson belong to?”

Hint: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who called the destruction of statues by mobs “a healthy expression of anger”, belongs to the same party.

2020_06 24 54th

VANDALISM: Historically ignorant mobs destroyed at least 16 memorials and statues in Boston, including this one dedicated to black soldiers.

Defund police 911

AUTONOMOUS ZONES: After a violent weekend with two shootings, one fatal, Seattle’s “Summer of Love” Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan has had enough of CHAZ/CHOP. She authorized police to dismantle it.

In Washington, DC, police cleared out the protesters attempting to establish a zone near the White House.

2020_06 24 walkaway

WALKAWAY: Posted to Facebook – “I walked away about 2 weeks into this whole Coronovirus mess. I wasn’t a diehard democratic, but I felt those were the people I thought stood for we the people, and republicans were greedy, ruining this country.

I was one of those people that hated Trump for the last 3 years. I called him a liar, an idiot, amongst many other things. I was convinced he was ruining this country. WOW was I wrong!!! One day I was watching Trumps daily virus briefing and something just clicked. He isn’t dumb or stupid, no he’s just not a politician, he’s just like you or me. He tells it like it is and truly cares about America.

It was literally like a fog was lifted and I could see clearly, it was a weird felling. From there the researcher began and it felt like I opened Pandora’s box. Everything I knew and had been told, taught, and shown was bullshit! I can’t watch the nightly news anymore, was an old nightly tradition, the blatant lies and the skewed media reporting makes me sick now. I feel I’ve been blatantly lied to for pretty much all my life, and that’s not right!!!

I’m very grateful that my eyes have been opened, it only took the destruction of the country, but they are wide open and I am pissed. I’m pissed these people don’t give a crap about human beings, and have gotten away with it for decades. It’s such a relief to know I’m not the only one that’s been woken up, and I pray that many more wake up and see what the left is doing to our great country. Thank you for letting me share my story.” – Julie Wilson

2020_06 24 spygate

SPYGATE: Emails from the fall of 2018 show that repeated attempts were made to arrange for then-Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko to meet with now-fired U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman.

Lutsenko wanted to share the fruits of Ukrainian investigations into then-VP Joe Biden having abused his influence to protect Burisma Holdings, which was paying Hunter Biden and his business partner, Devon Archer, substantial sums of money.

Lutsenko also had evidence about the American Embassy in Ukraine and Obama’s FBI willfully pressuring Ukrainian officials to leak falsified evidence to the media about Paul Manafort.

Lutsenko said in an interview last year that when he failed to get an audience with the Obama swampy Justice Department, he reached out to Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, hoping to find a different channel to get the information investigated.

Berman refused to meet with Lutsenko … then indicted two of Rudy Giuliani’s associates.

2020_06 24 alabama

SEXTUPLETS: The first black sextuplets known to have survived just graduated from high school. Five of them are headed to college; the sixth, who is autistic, is in a special program.

2020_06 23 L+3 Belle Sherman

GRAMMY NOTES: The Mascots are HERE! – Yesterday, Nonno had election duty and, since it was at my old elementary school, Mama Buzz took them to say hi and see Grammy’s old ‘hood.

2020_06 24 alling Grandma

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