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Tulsa Rally’s Unused Seats

2020_06 22 trump rally

The Slime Stream Media has been crowing about empty seats at Trump’s Tulsa rally. They’d like us to believe they were due to Trump’s “Struggling Campaign” (TIME). Yeah, no.

I’ve compiled the reports I’ve seen about why this happened at a rally that had had thousands more ticket requests than available seats and for which enthusiastic rally-goers were lining up as much as two days in advance.

2020_06 22 blm

Pam Geller Reports (link below) posted a number of videos tweeted by people who were outside the rally, showing Black Lives Matter protesters screaming at members of the National Guard, calling out for violence against, and throwing some kind of liquid on Trump supporters.

2020_06 22 unfilled seats

CLICK [11:55] to hear Terrence Williams (who attended the rally) compare the reality with the media coverage.

He suggests the media playing up the possibility of violence could have kept some people from using their tickets.

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Bits & Bytes

2020_06 22 Rescue Rule

2020_06 22 Trump Greta

COVID-19: CLICK [10:04] to hear a doctor respond to an alarmist statement that is completely FALSE. COVID is behind us.

He has practiced medicine for decades in Cameron County, Texas, which has had a TOTAL of 1,371 cases and 45 deaths. Almost all of the deaths were in the nursing homes.

We now know how to diagnose and treat the disease and we now know that the chances of surviving an infection is in excess of 97%, even for people with the most risk factors.

So relax already.

His point about masks is valid, but some studies have shown (not proven, but shown) that masking may help. Personally, I think they do help, but I object to governments mandating them.

For one thing, people with lung problems can’t wear them safely. For another, unlike seat belts and motorcycle helmets, they are not PROVEN effective. If the government’s going to interfere with our personal liberties, they better have something better than an opinion to go on.

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