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2020_06 20 You're not me

2020_06 20 collective

COLLECTIVE GUILT: “You cannot ‘fight’ against racism — an ideology that collectively judges all people of one race – by collectively condemning all people of one race.” – Patriot Retort

MONUMENTS: [:36] – Nothing will ever be enough.

DACA: DACA recipient speaks out against Supreme Court decision [5:46] – The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to prevent President Trump from ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

2020_06 20 daca

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said during a Senate floor speech, “Sadly over recent years, more and more, Chief Justice Roberts has been playing games with the court to achieve the policy outcomes he desires.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), said in a tweet, “The problem here is what you’ve essentially done is you’ve said … one administration can put in a set of rules by executive fiat but then another administration … can’t reverse those rules.”

2020_06 20 COVID

COVID-19: Two Missouri hairstylists saw dozens of customers while symptomatic with COVID-19 but did not pass the disease on to either customers or coworkers.

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department announced earlier this week that the incubation period for 147 people potentially exposed to the coronavirus had passed.

This is exciting news about the value of masking to prevent COVID-19.

2020_06 20 cuomo

NURSING HOME DEATHS: During the height of the pandemic, five Democratic governors ordered nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients. Thousands of elderly patients were needlessly infected and died as a result.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo dismissed the whole issue, calling it nothing more than a “shiny object” for Republicans.

It was known from the earliest days that the elderly were the most at-risk population for severe illness and death from the novel coronavirus, but what the hell, right?

Empty out a few beds. Save the states some money warehousing gaga bed-wetters. It’s the Democrat way.

2020_01 29 bolton

BOLTON: The Justice Department filed an emergency motion to stop publication of former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s new book.

The motion claims portions of the book that involve the president’s conversations with world leaders are classified material.

2020_06 20 biden

BIDEN vs. TRUMP: There seem to have been more people in line 2 days before Trump’s rally than actually attended Biden’s recent campaign events.

2020_06 20 biden climate

BIDEN: His hypocrisy is stunning. But then … he claims to be a Catholic, while fully supporting Planned Parenthood, an organization that thought it was appropriate to market abortion gift certificates at Christmas time.

2020_06 20 Biden me too

BIDEN: CLICK [4:52] to hear how Biden’s grotesque lies and plagiarism killed his first presidential bid.

One of our regular readers said, “Nobody who’s gonna vote for him cares that he fondles and sniffs little girls and adult women on camera, has been lying like a cheap rug for decades, has worsening senile dementia, will say anything to anyone on any subject at any time, yada, yada, and more yada…ad infinitum. I’ve come to believe that for most of them their TDS is so bad that they would vote for Hannibal Lecter if it meant they could convince themselves he might beat DJT.

MEDIA MATTERS: [5:58] – The Slime Stream Media has totally earned the moniker “Fake News.”

Did YOU know that “our nation’s heritage” is a racist dog whistle?

I didn’t.

SOCIAL MEDIA WARS: Twitter escalated its attack on conservatives by disabling President Trump’s tweet of this video with a “manipulated media” warning label.

Well, yeah. It was “manipulated” by showing only the back half first; then it shows the whole clip. Duh. Those of us who are not brain dead liberal sheep could see that AND understand that THAT WAS THE POINT.

One of the aforementioned brain dead liberal sheep complained, “You accuse CNN of running a fake video of black and white children hugging in the street, but CNN actually ran the real video of these kids back in September. You’re the one spreading fake news. And exploiting these children for your political benefit.

No, moron. The video was NOT about accusing CNN of “running a fake video.” It was making the point that we need to be really careful when we watch videos online, because sleazeballs (like CNN) sometimes edit them to create an impression that is 180 degrees removed from the truth.

2020_06 20 red triangle

Facebook also removed Trump ads and posts containing a down-facing red triangle, claiming it was a forbidden symbol of Nazi hate. While this is true, the symbol is not included in the Anti-Defamation League’s database of symbols of hate.

The Trump campaign defended its use to designate ANTIFA, which also uses a down-facing red triangle.

The campaign also pointed out that the symbol is an emoji. It is used as another version of an arrow, to alert the person you are talking to to pay close attention to what you are going to send next or to ask someone to lower their volume.

2020_06 20 trans

TRANS: A male cage fighter who claims to be a woman says he enjoys hurting women, especially TERFs.

TERF = Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist: Real women who refuse to say that biological males are or can become women.

2020_06 20 weeping angel

CATHOLIC: Please pray and offer reparation for the desecration of the sanctuary and the theft of the Blessed Sacrament from a Catholic church in North Carolina.

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