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2020_06 19 St Teresa

GEORGIA: [1:34] – Fulton County’s DA Paul Howard has filed multiple felony charges against the two cops in the shooting of Rayshard Brooks.

This despite the facts that the investigation in still underway. Normally, charges would not be filed until after a final report indicated the need for a grand jury, then if so, the grand jury heard the whole case and voted to indict.

But Howard’s re-election campaign is in trouble. He was recently placed under investigation on two complaints of sexual impropriety in the work place, which he says are just political. Maybe, maybe not. He’s a Democrat and black, so I’m inclined to believe the women.

However, he’s also being investigated for funneling into his own pockets $195,000 of a $250,000 city grant to a non-profit he heads up. Besides taking taxpayer moneys intended for the actual work the nonprofit claims to do, he also neglected to inform the appropriate authorities that he was the non-profit’s CEO.

Call me crazy, but I’m kinda thinking that someone who is willing to screw the justice system and two police officers to garner some political brownie points might not be the best person to head up the District Attorney’s office.

2020_06 19 penn

PENNSYLVANIA: A white woman believed to have set fire to two cop cars during protests in Philadelphia has been arrested.

She had carefully covered her face and fingerprints, so investigators used her custom-made shirt and tattoos in videos to identify her.

WASHINGTON, DC: [1:43] – A black-on-black shoot-out in a residential neighborhood comes to an abrupt halt when a single police car siren is heard.

Only one person was injured. Who knows how many black lives would have been lost if that cop had not arrived on the scene!

2020_06 19 texas

TEXAS: CLICK [1:22] to see a black woman praise a white cop for stopping to help her when she had a flat tire.

2020_06 19 calif

CALIFORNIA: A utilities worker in California was fired from his job after cracking his knuckles and subsequently being accused of flashing a “white supremacist” sign out of his car window.

The now-former San Diego Gas and Electric employee says he was sitting at a stoplight near a Black Lives Matter rally and had his hand hanging out of his truck window while cracking his knuckles.

A complete stranger next to him snapped the photo and uploaded it to social media, accusing the guy of making a “white power” sign with his fingers. The uploader has since deleted his Twitter account and apologized. He says he never intended for the man to lose his job.

SDG&E say they stand by their decision.

2020_06 19 tech

TECH GIANTS: The Justice Department (DOJ) has outlined a series of reforms to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Section 230 provides legal protection for online platforms like Facebook and YouTube from being held liable for content users post on their sites.

The Justice Department stated that these proposed reforms are “intended to clarify the text and original purpose of the statute in order to promote free and open discourse online and encourage greater transparency between platforms and users.”

Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley is also introducing a bill aimed at fighting companies like Twitter, Google, Facebook, and YouTube that abuse their Section 230 status as “platforms.” The Limiting Section 230 Immunity to Good Samaritans Act is cosponsored by Republican Senators Marco Rubio of Florida, Mike Braun of Indiana and Tom Cotton of Arkansas.

For too long, Big Tech companies like Twitter, Google and Facebook have used their power to silence political speech from conservatives without any recourse for users,” Hawley said in a statement. “Section 230 has been stretched and rewritten by courts to give these companies outlandish power over speech without accountability. Congress should act to ensure bad actors are not given a free pass to censor and silence their opponents.”

2020_06 19 DOG sassy

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