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2020_06 19 St Teresa

GEORGIA: [1:34] – Fulton County’s DA Paul Howard has filed multiple felony charges against the two cops in the shooting of Rayshard Brooks.

This despite the facts that the investigation in still underway. Normally, charges would not be filed until after a final report indicated the need for a grand jury, then if so, the grand jury heard the whole case and voted to indict.

But Howard’s re-election campaign is in trouble. He was recently placed under investigation on two complaints of sexual impropriety in the work place, which he says are just political. Maybe, maybe not. He’s a Democrat and black, so I’m inclined to believe the women.

However, he’s also being investigated for funneling into his own pockets $195,000 of a $250,000 city grant to a non-profit he heads up. Besides taking taxpayer moneys intended for the actual work the nonprofit claims to do, he also neglected to inform the appropriate authorities that he was the non-profit’s CEO.

Call me crazy, but I’m kinda thinking that someone who is willing to screw the justice system and two police officers to garner some political brownie points might not be the best person to head up the District Attorney’s office.

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2020_06 19 media covid

TRUMP: A Tulsa County judge has tossed out a lawsuit attempting to wreck the up-coming Trump MAGA rally on the grounds that it would be a coronavirus “super-spreader.

Yeah, but BLM and ANTIFA riots “peaceful protests” were totally no threat whatsoever to the public health. /sarc

There’s a good article about the Democrats’ post-COVID campaign strategy at The American Spectator (link below).

“Any remaining doubt that curbing President Trump’s campaign rallies was a key goal of the Democratic response to COVID-19 should be quelled by the Democrats’ antic opposition to Saturday’s Trump rally in Tulsa.

JOHN BOLTON: [3:32] – President Trump says John Bolton’s memoir contains classified information, lies, and fake stories.

[1:24] – Rudy Giuliani calls Bolton “a total backstabber. Most presidents were afraid to have him in their cabinet … bad guy, no character.”

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