New World Order

2020_06 19 new world order

It’s been prophesied for centuries. But that doesn’t mean we can’t pray against it each and every day! This isn’t a political or cultural battle.

It’s a spiritual battle. And the price of each human failure to repent is an eternity in Hell.

2020_06 19 BLM

Black Lives Matter is one of Satan’s fronts. BLM’s far-left, progressive agenda goes far beyond the kinds of peaceful changes Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., wanted to see. For example, they promote abortion and LGBT ideology, while denigrating the nuclear family.

And the Los Angeles branch even claims to be a “spiritual movement.” They have incorporated pantheistic rituals into their protests that are banned in the Bible, including calling forth deceased ancestors and pouring out libations for them.

2020_06 19 divider

All of it is demonic. The Greek root for the devil – diabolos – means one who creates chasms, ruptures connections, breaks down relationships and divides.

This is what the devil is. The Great Divider. He seeks to destroy anything and everything that God says is good.

2020_06 19 history

The United States is the only nation founded on Christian principles. I believe America is to Jesus what Israel is to God the Father. So the Left not only hates babies, marriage, family, and racial harmony, it also hates American history and American symbols.

History is a horror show for liberals, who only look to the past in search of grievances they can exploit in their remorseless quest for political power. The liberal has a quasi-religious faith in Progress, which means that yesterday … was self-evidently worse than today. The past was a bad time, according to liberals, who see nothing there but oppression. Your nostalgia for the pleasant memories of childhood is almost certainly racist, and probably also sexist and homophobic.” – Robert Stacy McCain

Young Americans speaks out against violent protests and flag burning. You’re going to need a tissue.

And, since I like to leave you with a smile, here’s “Welcome to Chaz – this is the future Leftists want!”


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2 responses to “New World Order

  1. Did you say this? I believe this:

    America is to Jesus what Israel is to God the Father

    Because of this:

    The United States is the only [representative republic] nation founded on Christian principles.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I said it here, but it’s not an original to me idea. I believe it and I think one piece of evidence that it’s true is that Muslim extremists appear to hate both Israel and the U.S. with the same passion.