Illegal Insurrection

2020_06 17 jacobson

Long-time Cornell Law School Professor William Jacobson has been formally denounced by the Dean of the Law School for telling the truth. He talked to Mark Levin about what’s been happening to him.


We need to be prayed up, people! I’m not being cynical here when I say this is going to get worse. It’s been prophesied … repeatedly. It. Is. Going. To. Get. Worse. If you and Jesus aren’t closer than close, you’re not going to have access to the graces you need to persevere.


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2 responses to “Illegal Insurrection

  1. Re. William Jacobson – Left will continue to march forward with mandatory meetings where we’ll “sing praises” similar to when the Soviet Union would not let its people not be left out of politics. Not showing up will be considered a counter revolutionary act.
    then you’ll know what I mean when I say: I’m going to have to take a stand.
    This is happening, and no, I’ll not be silent. And I will not commit an act of idolatry. Would love to elaborate more, and we will have that opportunity, either sooner or later, but according to God’s timing. Love!

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