2020_06 16 liberal hatred

LIBERALISM: Do we need any more evidence that its origins is the pit of Hell?

TUCKER CARLSON: [25:26] – During the June 8 segment of his show, Tucker Carlson said, “This may be a lot of things, this moment we’re living through, but it is definitely not about black lives.”

2020_06 16 Nazis defund police

Tucker is absolutely right, but as he also said, “You are not allowed to question Black Lives Matter. Period.

Walt Disney Co., Papa John’s, T-Mobile and Jackson Hewitt obviously agreed. They pulled ads from Tucker’s show because of this episode.

Major advertiser, My Pillow, said they would not be changing their advertising. CEO Mike Lindell said, “MyPillow believes all lives matter.”

2020_06 16 anti Trump discrimination

BLACK LIVES MATTER: [5:17] – It is a militant, radically far-left, political organization that promotes abortion.

If “black lives” mattered, they’d be protesting the genocidal destruction of unborn blacks.

2020_06 16 trucker

TRUCKERS: You’d better DEFEND, not DEFUND police if you want freight deliveries to continue.

Truckers are promising to refuse delivery to any city that cuts or disbands its police department.

MICHELLE MALKIN: Defend Our Monuments rally 6/14/2020 [4:24] – “We stand for the silent majority.

2020_06 16 alamo

TEXAS: Law enforcement has been preemptively deployed to The Alamo to defend it from potentially violent protesters.

The Alamo is the Shrine of Texas Liberty. And it will be defended,” said Texas land commissioner George P. Bush, son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

2020_06 16 NC

NORTH CAROLINA: CLICK [:36] to see police dismantle the Autonomous Zone in Asheville.

2020_06 16 chaz

SEATTLE: Wait, wut? You mean the LOSS of PROPERTY is a PROBLEM for these morons? I thought we were all supposed to not give a crap that they burned out and hijacked the police station, because it was all “just property.

2020_06 16 Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA: Historical illiterates vandalized the statue of Matthias Baldwin in Philadelphia.

Baldwin was an abolitionist who practiced what he preached. He argued for the right of African Americans to vote in Pennsylvania during the state’s 1837 Constitutional Convention, helped helped establish a school for African American children where he paid teachers’ salaries for years, and hired blacks to work in his shops.

The statue has been cleaned.

2020_06 16 blue lives

NEVADA: An officer who was shot in the head during a Las Vegas protest of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis is paralyzed from the neck down, on a ventilator and unable to speak.

GEORGIA: [7:53] – Former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik talks about the Atlanta shooting, where the mayor s considered a front-runner as the vice-presidential candidate alongside Democrat Presidential hopeful Joe Biden.

The justified shooting of a drunk and combative criminal sparked another weekend of protests, riots, property destruction, the resignation of the police chief, and the firing of the officer who shot in self-defense.

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