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2020_06 15 blessed is

2020_06 15 Judging cops

TRUMP: CLICK [3:18] to hear Kayleigh McEnancy says we have to stop vilifying our police and asks where to draw the line with erasing history.

CLICK [4:30] to hear Dan Bongino speak to the House Judiciary Committee.

2020_06 15 CHAZ

CHAZ: I am so grateful that we do not live in Seattle!

2020_06 15 covid

COVID-19: Either this virus is so WOKE that it won’t infect people who are gathering in crowded places for a Democrat-approved function … or else Democrats are corrupt assholes who need to be removed from office ASAP.

2020_06 15 race

OBAMA’S LEGACY: Remember when a Barack Obama presidency was going to end the racial tension in our nation?

Remember how everything he said or did about race for the next 8 years aggravated racial tension in our nation?

2020_06 15 this to this

TOLERANCE: The Left is showing us more of its famous “love” this month.

One sickening example is a teen who makes teddy bears out of the uniforms of fallen police officers to help comfort bereaved children. She’s getting death threats.

2020_06 15 cop safety

JUSTIFIED: CLICK [3:02] to see the facts surrounding the latest police shooting death.

In addition to the crimes the “victim” committed on this particular occasion, he also had a rap sheet that includes convictions for assault and battery, cruelty to children, theft, criminal interference in public property, and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

2020_06 15 acquitted

DEMOCRATS SUCK: They wasted $3.06 million in their doomed-from-the-start impeachment circus.

2020_06 15 eraser

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Federal civil rights laws prevent discrimination on the basis of sex, however that may be defined.

Under Obama, sex was defined as “one’s internal sense of gender, which may be male, female, neither, or a combination of male and female.”

Under Trump, it has been redefined as a person’s biological sex.

Under the new policy, hospitals and insurers can invoke religious freedom to refuse to provide services such as abortions and gender-transition procedures.

 New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the rule change “repugnant.” The ACLU says it will sue.

2020_06 15 Lucifer statue

GRAMMY NOTES: When I was googling to see where this monstrosity is, I saw an article entitled, “Satan has no interest in molesting your kids.

To this I can unequivocally say “BULLSH**.”

I know from deeply horrific, personal experience that molesting kids is an integral part of Satanic worship. BTDT and DEEPLY GRATEFUL that Jesus paid the price to give ME the choice of who I belong to and that I was raised in a Christian home where I learned the TRUTH.

(P.S., my folks never knew what had been done to me.)

2020_06 15 IKEA cake

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