The Neon Revolt Show: [27:50] This is a good overview of the madness that has befallen Seattle. It’s well worth your time, even if the moving neon doorway thing is incredibly annoying. You don’t actually need to look at it. He reads aloud all the stuff he posts (on top of the annoying neon).

Do not miss the section at around 11 minutes where some of the citizens of CHAZ attempt to call the Seattle PD to get help with Raz, the armed thug who has declared himself the CHAZ chief of police. Or maybe he’s declared himself king now.

2020_06 12 Trump tweet

Progressives want us to believe that they’ve all about peace and love. They preach “no borders” and “gun control”, as if those things would bring about global harmony. They also claim that the atrocities committed by every progressive government wouldn’t happen here, that it just hasn’t been done “right” yet.

Well, now it’s happened here, in Seattle. And it looks EXACTLY like it does everywhere else it’s been tried.

CLICK [11:01] to hear Tucker Carlson describe what’s going on in Seattle.

I’m thinking it’s a damn shame that high school English classes stopped reading Lord of the Flies.

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